5 Best Chest Workouts at Home

Who doesn't want to have well-toned and popping pectoral muscles? Yes, folks! We are talking about chest muscles that look so attractive when properly toned.

Well, it's not just men who benefit from a chest workout but women too can benefit from strong pectoral muscles which gives them a beautiful form apart from building strength in their upper body. To make it easy for you, we have figured out some of the best chest workouts for you that can be performed in your homes.

Push-ups: These might feel traditional but they are the most effective for a chest workout.

Start with a plank position, supporting on your palms and toes. Slowly let yourself down as far as possible and push back up.

It not only works on the upper and lower pectoral muscles but gives a nice burn to your arms too.

Clap push-ups: It is the most advanced form of push-ups and you can try them, once you are sure of your strength in their upper body. It builds strength, power & endurance in the upper body muscles. While doing regular push-ups, this variation incorporates a clap with both the hand’s mid-air in a swift motion to build up endurance over time.

Elevated push-ups: If you are bored of doing the same exercise, try another variation like elevated push-ups to discover yet another punch to your strength. Keeping legs at an elevated surface, this position increases the amount of pressure applied to complete the exercise. However, once you are up on your fitness game, feel the buildup of endurance, and accordingly increase the repeats.

Close hand push up: Place your arms closer than a standard push up position and feel the pressure building directly on your triceps and pectoral muscles. Concentrated pressure on these muscles brings more desired results than a standard push up.

Start by placing hands closer than shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself down by bending your elbows and keeping your back straight. Push back up and repeat the exercise.

Modified push up to forearms: A modified exercise is always helpful on days when we don’t feel our best to perform the toughest exercise. Yet they are the ones that keeps building our strength and endurance while keeping us on our track.

In a modified push up to the forearm, start with resting your body on your knees and hands on the floor. Hold your core while keeping the back straight to do the push-ups. When done regularly, it tightens the triceps, shoulder, and chest muscles to firm them up and better support our body.  

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