A Guide to Gym Equipments

Whether you’re just starting  or a regular at the gym, a basic knowledge of the different types of gym equipment is always helpful in planning an effective workout.

It’s best to start by associating the different equipment with the different types of muscle groups they target in our body. This will help in planning a balanced and effective workout to achieve your fitness goals.

Here are the types of machines and equipment you would find in most gymnasiums:

Cardio Machines

It is always advisable to invest some time in cardio exercises like running, jogging, cycling every time you visit the gym. Free weights and machines help build muscle but cardio exercise is a must to start burning calories.

  • Treadmill: Control the pace of your workout whether it’s walking, running, or jogging.
  • Stationary bikes: Cycling is a great cardio workout. Try out different speeds and intensities and gradually increase the difficulty depending on your fitness level. Cycling gives a serious workout to your thigh muscles and is very effective for overall calorie burn.
  • Stairs steppers: Similar to climbing stairs,  give your gluteal and quadricep muscles a good workout on this machine.

Strength Equipment:

Strength training is a must in any fitness goal to tone your muscles and build endurance.

  • Resistance bands: These are low impact, easy to use elastic bands that provide different levels of resistance and can work on multiple parts of the body.
  • Dumbbells: Perfect for toning biceps, triceps, shoulder, and chest muscles. They are low impact and easy for even beginners to try their hand at.
  • Barbells: Barbells are the longer version of the dumbells and are perfect for weight training and bodybuilding. Add your desired weight and try them with different variations such as bicep curls, bench press, squats, deadlift, and many more.
  • Kettlebells: These are yet another type of weight exercise that can be included with squats, lunges, and crunches to work those ab muscles with little extra effort. Extra resistance makes the muscles go into overdrive to burn more calories and bring effective results.
  • TRX Suspension Trainer: Suspend yourself with your body weight to work with, it challenges the beginners and pro equally. Involves a series of exercises focusing upper or lower body for toning and building strength, endurance, and of course to burn those calories.
  • Ankle weights: One of the favourites of fitness trainers, ankle weights add extra resistance to your workout. It makes you put in that extra bit of effort and burns more calories.

Weight machines

Weight machines tend to target specific body parts. They are designed to add a layer of support to build and tone arms, legs, or core muscle groups. The list could be exhaustive however, we have summed up a few which are commonly used.

  • Seated arm extension, Seated arm curl, and Seated press: These 3 equipment weight machines tone different arm muscles and the press works on your chest too. While working on these areas, remember to contract your abdominal muscles and keep them tight and engage the workout.
  • Seated overhead press: Choose a comfortable weight and push those handles over your head to tone your shoulder muscles.
  • Seated lateral pulldown: Focus on keeping your back muscles engaged while pulling the weights downwards.
  • Seated leg curl: Set your desired weight and lift with your lower legs to engage your calf muscles.
  • Assisted close-grip pull up: Strengthen your shoulders and biceps by pulling yourself up. For beginners, you may rest your knees for a lower impact workout on your back.

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