In case you did not notice this yet, the four players remaining the womens' singles draw of this year's US Open are... American. This a phenomenon so rare, it has only happened twice before, at the Wimbledon 1985 championships and the US Open championships in 1981!

The reactions to such by those worth listening to..

I'm so happy for the American players; they've gotten such criticism over the last 10 years. Finally the influence of Serena and Venus has full effect on all the young ladies, who always mention them when they talk about role models.- Chris

We’re gonna have four American women playing tomorrow, and that’s pretty awesome. We all were rooting for each other today**- Madison Keys**

It has been a great two weeks for American tennis, seeing all the American players in the draw and all of them advancing so deep and competing so well.- Serena Williams

Making the semi-finals of a Slam is a complete neutraliser, anybody's game. I just have to focus on myself.- Sloane Stephens

It's great for American tennis. It's great for African-American women. I hope that we keep it going.- Sloane Stephens

Venus last night said it very well that, you know, the younger ones were looking at Lindsay (Davenport), Jennifer (Capriati) and Serena and Venus. I think that still holds of, you know, we wanted to be those same players in a later generation. You know, now that we're older, we can put that into words, but we all wanted to be there**- C Vandeweghe**

This is simply unbelievable**- Ashwin Hari Singh (Rovo intern)**

We at Rovo pay tribute to the achievements of these great American women...

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