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What exactly are these mysterious links between badminton and Buddhism that the video in all its mystic glory purported to claim, if they even exist? Rovo endeavoured to find out, and we write here our findings.

Four Noble Truths

This arguably the most important concept in Buddhism.
These truths teach that all life is suffering and that this is caused by the craving of 'conditioned' or earthly desires. You have however the ability to overcome this suffering, however, and attain true happiness. When you learn to give up useless cravings and desires, you naturally yourself to more selfless goals (the idea being that selfish attachment does not lead to happiness), which will lead to nirvana, or the liberation and freedom from suffering.

How does this relate to badminton

Through delayed gratification, one attains the not so selfless goal of achieving breakthroughs in your badminton standard or achievement. This however can be applied to any other sport or even skill...

The Eightfold Path

The Buddha taught that following the Eightfold Path is how one reaches the state of nirvana. In essence, this path consists of understanding and following strictly and consistently the Four Noble Truths, conquering negative thoughts, being in the present and doing meditation. Living life according to the Five Precepts is also an important part of following the Eightfold Path. These Precepts are: not harming others; not stealing; not lying; not misuing sex; not consuming alcohol or drugs.

How does this relate to badminton

To be fair, following the Five Precepts can enhance badminton performance. It can be argued that a good character will improve one's ability to perform - think about how traits such as perseverance and hard work can translate into sport success. Not misuing sex, consuming alcohol or drugs can also help put your body in the best possible physical state to compete - think about the athletes who abstain from such debauches shortly before a critical sporting moment of theirs. The focus from being present is crucial for peak performance, and regular meditation certainly will help with that.


The idea we all known - that every action we take has an effect. Generally the purpose of this idea is to remind one that he or she must take responsibility for his or her actions.

How does this relate to badminton

This will be very obvious. You reap what you sow, or more specifically, hard work pays off and slacking off pays. This however, is not something exclusive to badminton...


The principle of reincarnation - the believed endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. Karma determines where a person will be reborn and his status given to him from the time of such rebirth; good karma leads to a more fortunate realm in terms of the amount of material riches endowed upon him or her, whereas bad karma can lead to rebirth as an animal or torment in a perpetually hellish environment.

How does this relate to badminton

We believe that with that one's ability to turn around his or fortune in terms of his or her badminton achievements or abilities is through sheer hard work, relating back to the principle of karma. But again, this cannot be claimed to be esclusively badminton-related.

Our verdict

We have officially lost faith in all advertisements when the search for Truth is concerned.

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