We previously wrote about the best backhands in tennis, it thus naturally that we follow that up with a sequel. What makes a good forehand then, and whose forehands can best be said to have those qualities? Read on to find out!

First let's define what makes a forehand good..

As some of you must have guessed, the set of criteria in this instance is the same as that before, but there is no harm in doing a recap.

One) Power, when needed
Two) Depth when needed
Three) Variability of spins
Four) Good looks

Naturally, the first three elements comes to our minds because these are the factors which allows someone to win a point. In professional tennis, a player typically loses when he reacts badly to a difficult shot - which is typically, well, a shot too power, deep or one that disrupts his rhythm. Do not misunderstand our pick of the fourth factor for one being without substance. Something substantially good is very often also stylistically good - think Roger Federer.

Now who has the best forehands?

Not ranked in any order, we have...


This man will no doubt be on this list. But why does he appear here? This question is more uncertain and ambiguous than the first. Lets go back to our four criteria. For the first one - 'power when needed' - Federer definitely scores. Although, he does not hit power-shots all-rally long, or as much as some other player do, he utilises brute strength on his forehand at its most high-yield moments. This makes sense, because power in some situations do not produce any yield. For the second one - 'depth when needed' Federer definitely scores too. Although he does not do this all the time, he has the ability to hit back-and-forth in-depth ground-strokes which land only semi-inches away from the baseline, pressuring the opponent without risking all too much (a skill massively understated). For the third point, Federer is definitely king among kings. His forehand has the most variety, if simply put. The perfect example of such is that seen in the video linked below. And for the fourth quality - how aesthetically pleasing the stroke is - no further explanation is once again needed.

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This may surprise many, but we are willing hazard that Lopez got to where he is today with his powerful and reliable forehand. Many people know Lopez for his big and weirdly-spun servers - he is after all one of the best servers in history when the metric of most aces serves throughout one's career is used - but most people do not realise that a good serve will not be that yielding if not backed up by one very reliable groundstroke. Lopez's forehands are one of the hardest of the tour if it need be and has a good mix of usually (weird spin). Lopez naturally fulfils the second criteria - depth - but it is not a unique trait of his to do so so it does not receive elaboration here. On the last point, Lopez's style is definitely pleasing to our eyes - there is just something about that slow grace of his when he motions his forehands.

If some of you may be wondering: some obvious choices like Nadal, or the 'giants', did not meet our mark for failing to meeting one or some of the criteria

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