Rovo's First Podcast

Rovo team

The Rovo team is greatly honoured to be featured by the Economical Rice Podcast where they interviewed our Co-founder & CEO Ritesh Angural.

From interviewee and Rovo co-founder Ritesh's childhood experiences, to the developments of Rovo past, present and future - this first podcast about Rovo brings you in comprehensive touch with the dreams that led to the creation of, and define, Rovo, and the hopes that sustain its ever-relentless drive to get everyone to play more.

The Young Days of Ritesh

4:39 - Choice of computer engineering as undergraduate subject
5:39 – His proclivity for engineering
7:33 – His stint at Stanford

Entrepreneurial Beginnings

11:32 – Shuttepair: his first entrepreneurial foray, straight out of college
15: 28: - Entrepreneur vs. Employee

The problem which is the reason for Rovo's existence

18 :41 – Problems with the informal sports scene in Singapore
21:05 – Problem with the informal tennis scene in Singapore, specifically
24:00 – There must be products like Rovo that existed before - what makes Rovo unique?

Entrepreneurial journey (continued)

27:01 - Difference(s) between approaches towards Shuttepair and Rovo
29:41 – The spark that made them leave Redmart for Rovo
31:48 – Reflections on Shuttlepair = Lessons to be applied to Rovo

Development of Rovo
34: 31 – Importance of user feedback
39: 20 – Development of Rovo over time
49: 20 – How is Rovo generating revenue

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Rovo is an app that connects you with other sports players nearby. It takes the hassle out of coordinating timings and matching others of the same skill level so you can #playmore!

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