In our latest edition of #featuredplayer series, we talk to Rovo's version of Clark Kent! 😉 Having a hectic schedule just like the Man of Steel, Chester shares with us how he keeps an active lifestyle through tennis, soccer and more. He has recently embraced fatherhood as well! Check out his comments below!

How did your journey with tennis begin?

I often watched tennis when I was younger and I guess the interest started to develop then. Actually, the funny thing is that I used to play competitive badminton back in my secondary school in Malaysia. I found the training pretty regimental and probably in that repetitive routine, I found excitement in playing tennis. When Grand Slam seasons were around, the hype always drove me and my friends to play together. It's really such a beautiful sport. There's this sense of battle between the two players. It's gladiatorial! The human story behind the game just makes it way more interesting. You just can't get enough of it. Totally an epic feeling 😀

Despite your work commitments, how did you manage your many hits on Rovo? I hear you play futsal every week as well?

When Rovo was first launched last july, it took me about a month before I got my first hit. Ever since then, I made an effort to have a hit at least once every week. It also helps that I have a court near my place. Time management is definitely key here. It's a brilliant stress reliever especially from a long day at work. I have even tried to get my wife to play with me as well but her passion is still more dancing than tennis. I will definitely get my son to play once he's older. Everyone should give tennis a shot!


How has Rovo been for you thus far?

It's an awesome app! Seriously... If it wasn't for the app, I would not have been able to find players and make so many good friends. The badges system in the app is definitely a confidence booster as well. It also helps when your partner knows what you and him/her would like to get out of the experience as well. This makes the matched hit way more enriching. I would often tell the partners that I hit with that I either would like to work on my backhand or forehand. In return, he/she tells me what they would like to improve on. As such, we spend the time helping each other improve. Amazing experience thus far!

>####Many apps today often keep us behind our mobile screens. Rovo does the opposite and has that physical aspect which draws us out of our homes to meet new people. The world needs more of such interactions - Chester Fernandez ##Anything special you would like to see in that app one day?

Maybe you could add a feature to inform other players that I am unavailable for a certain time as I travel really often. I feel pretty guilty telling my matches that I am not free to play despite my schedule indicating otherwise. It could be something like an on and off switch in the app.

## Any advice to tennis players or players who are thinking of using Rovo?

Definitely give Rovo a shot! You won't regret it! All my experiences with my matches has been positive thus far. Everyone I met has been so welcoming and caring. It's nice to see the tennis community grow like this. Also, be honest about your ratings. If you have a NTRP of 3.0, don't go looking for a 4.0. The experience probably wouldn't be a postive one for both parties. I guess most importantly, just have fun!

Well Said Chester! All the best in your future endeavors mate! Do check out Chester's profile on Rovo and if you feel like it, arrange for a hit with him!

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