In our latest edition of our Rovo featured player series, we interview Jessica Khong, an avid player on Rovo. Jessica shares with us her tennis inspirations, some friendly rivalry with her husband on the court, tips on getting started and more...

Rovo Featured Player - Jessica Khong

How did you pick up tennis? Tell us your story!

I picked tennis up as my CCA in secondary school, and continued to play competitively until I started university. Unfortunately, tennis had to take a backseat once I started university. So I went on a tennis hiatus for 4-5 years. Thanks to Rovo, I started playing tennis again since the start of this year.

Who’s your favourite tennis player & why?

Garbine Muguruza. In the recent Roland Garros, when she was playing against Mladenovic, she displayed real grit and determination when she managed to put up a good fight against home hope Mladenovic despite the unsupportive crowd. She also showed lots of sass when she wagged her finger at the crowd at the end of the match. I like the dramatic pause she has before she serves, it makes her look composed but aggressive at the same time, which I think are qualities that make her my favourite tennis player.

What’s your favourite tennis shot & why?

My favourite tennis shot has always been the backhand because I'm the most consistent at that and because it's double handed, I feel that its also more power packed. I'm starting to like volleys a little more now cause it's fast-paced and exciting, but I'm still working on them!

Rovo Featured Player - Jessica Khong

Without thinking, the first answer that comes to your mind - What was your first impression when you saw Rovo for the first time?

My first thought was..

Why didn't someone come up with this earlier? It's a GREAT idea!

Rovo has a clean app interface, making it easy to navigate and to arrange hits with other players. Rovo has made it much easier for me to pick tennis up again.

We noticed you play a lot with your husband on Rovo. Who’s better?

We're both very different players. He's a risk taker when playing tennis, he hits some really sick shots because of that! On the other hand, I tend to play more conservatively and like to wait for my opponents to make the errors. But, I'd admit that he is definitely the better player; high risk, high yield.

Do you two play doubles matches? Who makes the most mistakes when you do?

We play doubles together very often! We take turns making mistakes, but in my opinion, he makes more mistakes than me, haha!! But to be fair, he also makes more winners too though!

Rovo Featured Player - Jessica Khong

Have you tried out the latest doubles/social tennis feature on Rovo? What do you think?

I've tried the doubles tennis feature. It's a very well thought-out feature that makes Rovo an even better app. With the double tennis feature, it's now easier to arrange doubles and allows all players in the match to view each other's profiles and give each other badges after the hit. The discussion tab under the doubles tennis feature makes communicating with all the other players in the match a breeze and helps to keep everyone in the loop. I haven't tried the social tennis feature as of yet, but I would love to should I have the opportunity.

Lastly, what would advice would you have for any ladies wanting to improve their game?

Get the basics right. Having the correct tennis strokes help to provide a strong foundation for you to work on. If you're just starting to play tennis, my advice is to get a good coach. If you've already got the basics down pat, play with lots of people. Rovo is an awesome platform to find players to hit with! Be open minded about who you play with, everyone has a different style of playing and it's good to be exposed to a wide variety of play. Try playing with a player with a NTRP rating a little higher than your own, but not too far off. This provides you with an opportunity to improve, and ensures that the other player will have an enjoyable time playing with you as well.

Rovo Featured Player - Jessica Khong

That's some great advice Jessica! We couldn't agree more! Like many other featured or other players on Rovo, Jessica embodies the #playmore attitude. You can't go wrong by following her advise. Just get out an play! Don't be worried about reaching out to players who're slightly better than you so you can improve your game.

In fact if you're looking to play some mixed doubles, hit up Jessica & her husband on Rovo. They've got plenty of friendly badges 😉😉!

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