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In our next edition of #featuredplayer series, we speak to one of Rovo's biggest fans - Julien Bera! Julien started playing tennis during his childhood days, but prior to his shift to Singapore from Shanghai for work, Julien had not picked up his racquet for 10 years. After finding the time to hit the courts once again, his regular tennis buddy got injured. Check out his comments below as he talks about his strong passion for the sport and how Rovo has helped him to rekindle that drive which continues to motivate him to #PLAYMORE!

What's your most favorite and hated thing about tennis?

I may start to sound a little biased but, in my opinion, tennis is really an enriching sport. You can train really hard and exercise intensely while still having lots of fun hitting the ball across the court. I tried jogging and hitting the gym previously but I was unable to find the excitement in it and it got boring for me after a while. It's difficult for me to hate anything about tennis because I really have come to love the sport! ✌ Probably a bad thing about tennis in Singapore is the RAIN! It really upsets me when it rains and I have to cancel a game. It gets pretty disappointing at times and especially so when I am looking forward to a hit with a certain player. Maybe a weather forecast tab in Rovo soon?

Babolat or Wilson?

Team Babolat! I am not really loyal to a brand but Babolat fits really well with my style of playing. If you are looking for a good racquet, a player should consider if it would gel well with their style of play. Also, the Wilson racquet in Rovo's latest Campaign looks really awesome too! Too bad I have already recommended all my friends to Join Rovo 😎

What do you think of the Tennis Community in Singapore?

The tennis community in Singapore is definitely strong and seems to be constantly growing with the available online platforms such as Facebook. Without doubt, the presence of Rovo has definitely contributed to the tennis culture, especially so in connecting like-minded individuals together. It's such a simple yet amazing platform to connect players. Looking forward to more add-ons on the app.

Despite your heavy work schedule, how are you able to have so many hits on Rovo?

I am a firm believer that you can always make time available for what you like (or love). It's all about priorities. I usually play after work from about 7 pm to 9 pm or the weekends is also a good alternative for me too. I guess my colleagues are very aware of my strong passion for tennis as they always see me carrying my tennis bag to office twice a week.

How has your experience with Rovo been so far?

Personally, I started using Rovo after my regular tennis partner hurt himself and had to stop playing tennis. Even though the tennis community is pretty established in singapore, it took me a while to finally find a regular buddy to start playing and training again. Rovo definitely was THE platform I needed to find players at my level to help me get back at my game. Playing with players better than me is extremely effective in boosting my skills. I really think I should also give a special mention to another Rovo user, Fie Yong whom I have been playing quite frequently with and has helped me to improve tremendously. Hits with him have always been challenging but he always makes an effort to make the best out of each game for the both of us. He allows me to improve my skills while he is gaining regularity in his shots. It's a win-win training (at least i hope so 😉). Definitely an amazing experience thus far!

Any advice to tennis players or players who are thinking of using Rovo?

Just aim to have fun...seriously. Tennis is a great sport, a great way to exercise and a great way to meet new people. I would just recommend all tennis players to use Rovo to find sparing partners, play singles or doubles. You will eventually meet lots of different people and also make new friends like I did! So don't fret and give it a shot!

We couldn't have put it better Julien! Truly, your passion for Tennis is inspiring! Also, do check out Julien's profile on Rovo and if you feel like it, arrange for a hit with him!

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