In our latest edition of #featuredplayer, we catch up with Sylvester Chan! - a student currently studying at Republic Polytechnic and Majoring in Diploma of Sports Coaching.

Despite his commitments in school, Sylvester has gotten many hits on Rovo. He is one who has a firm belief that with more practice, one can definitely ace tennis. Check out his comments (& that beautiful smile 😀) below!

When did you begin playing tennis? What inspired you to take the sport up?

I started playing when I was 16. Without any firm background in the sport, I took the initiative to "coach" myself against the wall and 2 months later, I made it into the POL-ITE team. Within the next year, I was made the captain for the ITE combined tennis team. I did not have any inspiration when I picked up the sport as I just wanted to try out tennis. As I gradually trained, my love for tennis grew and since then, I have lived by a personal quote - To understand success, one has to experience failure, hard work and commitment.

How were you able to get so many hits on Rovo with your heavy commitments in school?

School usually ends around 4pm and I make an effort to have hits in the night during weekdays and weekends. Well, the main reason to my many hits is mainly because of the responsive nature of the users in the app. It has indeed been a smooth user experience.

Do you think your tennis skills and coordination have improved after joining Rovo?

My skills and handwork have definitely improved because I take each and every hit in Rovo as a form of practice and training. The badge feature in Rovo also plays a part in building my confidence on my groundstrokes. There's definitely no doubt about that.

Is there anything special you would like to see in the app one day?

It would be cool if I could select a particular age group or gender type that I would want to be matched with. I think more often than not, people around the same age share the same interests and can break the ice more easily.

Do you have any advice to new and current tennis players?

When I started using Rovo, I immediately started arranging hits with strangers. I guess for those who are shy and afraid, you can arrange hits with players that you may already know and when you are ready, arrange hits with strangers. For those experienced tennis players, keep on arranging hits with others and try even challenging yourself to arrange hits with players who either have an NTRP rating higher or lower than you. This manner, you will be able to see if you are consistent on the court. Most importantly just have fun!

Well Said Sylvester! Certainly, it takes more than just hitting balls to be a good tennis player. We wish you all the best in your upcoming exams and competitions! Do check out Sylvester's profile on Rovo and if possible, arrange a hit with him!

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