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WorkoutParty! trainer, Amanda is a certified Yoga instructor. Her love for inner peace allows her to concentrate. She finds her strength in nature and works with her students to realize their inner potential. Check out her story below!

Where did it all begin?

As an artist, I am always drawn to serenity. That’s where my love for Yoga started. As an animal lover, I switched to a vegan lifestyle early in my life. All these help me truly connect with nature, and I guess it got me wondering about the next phase in life. So I decided to get into Yoga and become a trainer. It has been 3 months, and I am loving it so far. I guess the whole soul-healing aspect of Yoga is what drew me to it.

What drives you as a trainer?

From the outside, it may seem like a trainer is someone who is bossing people around or even they are in it for money. But to me, being a fitness trainer is really about healing people. As a Yoga trainer, I love creating a path for my students to connect with their inner self and heal themselves from within. Yoga is a therapy for the body, mind, and soul. And that really drives me every day.

Tell us about your experience with the students.

While it has only been three months, I truly feel blessed to have chosen this path. Sure the current situation is dampened by efforts to connect with students physically. But we are thriving with online classes through various apps like Rovo that make quarantine workouts fun and useful. I love the fact that I get to meet different types of people who challenge me to think on my feet. I cannot wait to get back out there once this blows over.

Your 'dragon scroll' or fitness mantra?

I would say my fitness mantra is to listen to your body more. We get so rigid within our society without realizing its repercussions. Any form of exercise is a release for our bodies and an expression of our soul. We all should listen more to our body and let it guide you in your fitness journey.

What kind of fitness goals do you help people achieve?

Yoga is beneficial for many things. My students most often come to me for general well being. Advanced students usually want to improve their strength and conditioning through my Yoga classes.

Personal fitness quote that you live by

"Hold it.” Time is fleeting, but you feel the pressure of time during the most challenging poses like a plank. It allows one to appreciate the effort that goes into building something and 'hold it' really sums up everything fitness has to offer.

Well said Amanda! Thanks for talking to us today!

Amanda trains and motivates people to get closer to their fitness dreams. If you are looking for a trainer to help achieve your fitness goals, visit WorkoutParty!  to reserve a place for Amanda’s session.  Also, read about our other featured WorkoutParty trainers here.

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