#featuredtrainer - Andruew Tang

In this instalment of #WorkoutParty! Trainer, we talk to WorkoutParty!Trainer Andruew Tang about his journey in fitness and what makes him tick.

‘Health is wealth.’

Andruew Tang may moonlight as a fitness trainer but his claim to fame is inside the squared circle. He is Singapore’s first-ever pro wrestler, the procreator of Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) and a pioneer of the industry in this part of the world.

How did your journey into fitness begin?

Funnily enough, I didn’t set out on my journey with the end goal being fitness. I was a kid when I first watched former WWE superstar Rock command an audience in the palm of his hand. Ever since, my sole aim in life was to become a pro wrestler. It so happened that a big part of captivating the audience as a pro wrestler lies in being able to impress them with your physique.

That’s when fitness also became a part of it.

What has been the most memorable experience in your journey of fitness so far?

To be honest, I’ve experienced so many wonderful and memorable moments as a pro wrestler that it would be unfair to single out just one. Everything about it is noteworthy. It is especially gratifying to know that putting my body on the line and performing elicits so much emotion from the audience.

I guess kickstarting Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) in 2012 has to count as one of the highlights in my career.

What is your fitness mantra?

Evolution, in fitness and in life as a whole, is inevitable. We are always evolving and changing, in every aspect. As such, everyone should aspire to try and evolve in a positive manner; to try and evolve into a better you.

That’s what I try to encourage my clients to do. Giving that aspiration structure and purpose is my goal as a fitness instructor. Even in pro wrestling, a character gets stale and his connection with the fans erodes over time if he doesn’t evolve. It’s not that much different when it comes to fitness either.

How are you adapting to the Covid-19 lockdown and how do you think the situation will change once restrictions are lifted?

I’ve been adapting the way I always do, by training hard and keeping up my fitness levels. As we’ve seen, the WWE has been functioning throughout this Covid-19 lockdown. I believe pro wrestling has a responsibility to keep fans entertained in this time when most other sports have been shut down. I am ensuring that my body and mind are prepared to make a comeback with SPW at the earliest. Maintaining fitness during the lockdown need not be a challenge for anyone. We have exercises that people can easily do at home and still get in a challenging workout. It just boils down to how badly you want it.

A word of advice for our readers?

Pursue your passion, no matter how improbable it may seem at the beginning. Thankfully for me, my parents believed in my dream to become a pro wrestler and today, I’m living that reality. But I didn’t get here without sacrifice and grind. Those are important qualities to have in order to achieve one’s fitness goals as well.

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