#featuredtrainer - Aruna Swamy

Since childhood, Aruna Swamy has been a dedicated yoga practitioner and dance aficionado. Her love for the dance and Yoga allows her to understand students on a deeper level and help them realize their goals. Mother to two lovely boys and as a wife of a handsome man, read more about Aruna Swamy in our #WorkoutParty!Trainer feature.

Where did your journey start?

Since my young age, I have been practicing Yoga and dance. It is almost therapeutic for me. Over the years, Yoga helped me transition through the different phases of my life right from dealing with work-related stress earlier during corporate work-life or coping with various physical and emotional changes during my pregnancies and postnatal stages in life. Soon, I realized Yoga is where my heart is and pursued it as a full-time profession.

What motivated you to become a trainer?

I became an advocate for Yoga and dance through personal experience. Everything from inner peace, confidence, and the ability to enjoy life came to me through Yoga. So, when the idea to become a Yoga teacher came to me one day, it felt like the natural progression of things. For me, being a yoga teacher is about contributing back to society in my own way. Through my classes, I have been able to inspire people about physical fitness, the ability to achieve your personal fitness goals through Yoga.

Your 'dragon scroll' or fitness mantra?

People often misconceive that once you reach your goal weight, it is ok to let go. But this is not the case. When you ask about my fitness mantra, I often tell my students that it is about a long term lifestyle change rather than your short term fitness plan. To become fit, one has to master the discipline. There are no shortcuts to life, and that is why fitness is a lifestyle one must adopt.

How do you feel about this quarantine?

I firmly believe the key is to stay calm. I start my day with Yoga that helps me keep me feel centered as my home is my virtual classroom, office, playroom, and studio, all in one! I am sure even after the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted, few things will be permanently staying with us like virtual classrooms and work from home.  

It suffices to say that globalization will be affected at the most basic level, and virtual life will get more real.

What do you focus on in your class?

Yoga is all about inner peace and calmness of the mind. That being said, it is also one of the most complete forms of exercise that can help a person build strength, endurance, and flexibility. My students most often come for general well-being. My classes focus on different aspects of the body, and each day, something exciting is always around.

Personal fitness quote that you live by

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live" - Jim Rohn.

I think this quote pretty much summarises all my beliefs. We spend so much time looking for happiness and meaning on the outside that we often neglect our body and, more importantly, don't respect what it does for you. Fitness is our way of thanking the body for all the effort it puts in getting us through every day.

Mindfulness and holistic yoga experience are two of the essential aspects one can experience in Aruna's class. If you are looking for a trainer to help achieve your fitness goals, visit WorkoutParty! to reserve a place for the session. Also, read about our other featured WorkoutParty trainers here.

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