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In today’s 2nd installment of our #WorkoutParty! trainer feature, we get to know the man with the quick hands, Desmond Tang. Desmond juggles many things. being a father to two young kids, a professional Floorball coach for the last 10 years, a fitness coach, and most recently, I started an online floorball coaching YouTube channel. Read along as we discover his passion for fitness and more importantly, his secret to staying in the game.

Tell us about your journey as a fitness trainer

As a child, I was a very active kid... Playing and running around with my friends pushed me towards taking up a career in fitness and sports. After graduation, I decided to pursue coaching, and there has been no turning back since. This decade has given me a lot in terms of learning and experience. I believe that as a coach, you have a lot of impact on people's lives, and more importantly, to instill positivity in them. I find coaching rather therapeutic whether it’s coaching my kids in sports and fitness at school or training individual clients to meet their fitness dreams. Recently, I realized the power of the Internet and started a YouTube channel to reach people virtually. What I love about my journey thus far is that it is never-ending.

Tell us about a memorable story in your fitness journey.

There are plenty to choose from, but I guess the story that pushes me every day is this one.

I have always had a strong interest in coaching, mentoring, or simply just sharing. About 6-7 years ago, I got in touch with a family of 3 siblings. Initially, I worked with my eldest sister as a trainer. Throughout our association, I interacted more with the youngest brother and gave him some advice when he was deliberating about choosing a career as a basketball coach. With my experience as a floorball coach, I was able to share my two cents that helped him eventually make his decision. And recently, the second sister wanted fitness training as she prepared for her big wedding day so I helped her with that. Recently, I came to know that the eldest sister has left her corporate job to become a choir singing instructor.

My favorite takeaway from this story is that you get to meet all kinds of people from different walks of life. While I was only introduced as a trainer, the bond we shared grew over the years and I’m happy I have helped shape the dreams of each of the siblings in different ways.

What has kept you going over the years?

As a fitness coach over the last decade, I have come to realize keeping at it matters. I have trained numerous batches of students over the years. Building relationships is very important. Suffice to say I have sustained because of the personal relationship I have with my alumni. I believe that my job offers a certain level of satisfaction that is rather hard to find in other roles. You can often see me telling my players, "I am your half dad! Your growth as a person is super important to me!" *laughs*

Your 'dragon scroll' or fitness mantra?

Fitness is not an endgame but a lifelong cycle. Achieving your weight goals should not stop you from pushing yourself to maintain it. At the end of the day, I believe that as long as there is progression, it's all that matters.

What do students normally ask you for help with?

Different people have different fitness goals... My understanding of people's requirements has allowed my students to get fit through fat loss programs that I chart for them. Each program is customized. Some of my students are keen on an active and healthy lifestyle; for them, the training is more focused on general well being or strength training and conditioning. As a personal trainer, my focus is always on creating a path for my students to realize their fitness dreams.

Personal fitness quote that you live by

"Learn. Practice. Apply"

Well said Desmond! Thank you for talking to us today.

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