#featuredtrainer - Gwen Lim

In this first instalment of #WorkoutParty!Trainer, we talk to, Gwen Lim about her yoga journey and what keeps her Zen? Check out her story below!

“Breathe, don't forget to breathe.”

The quote above came from Gwen and as it turns out, following her own advice was what led her into yoga.

How did your journey into Yoga begin?

I used to find myself cursing and swearing a lot while driving. I would get so angry when someone cut me off and blasting my horn at such drivers was pretty common for me.

Then I started practising yoga regularly and I realised the anxiety I used to have while driving disappeared, almost magically. I couldn’t even remember why I used to get so angry in the past. I felt good, I felt fit and definitely more aligned. This was evidence to me that Yoga really works.

When did you decide you wanted to be a Yoga Instructor?

I’ve been an instructor in communications all my life but it was only in recent years that I discovered my “Ikigai” was Yoga. Ikagai in Japanese means “a reason for being”. It encompasses joy, a sense of purpose and meaning, and a feeling of well-being. I wanted to pursue Yoga as I wanted to share the life-giving benefits of yoga with one and all. So In 2017, I decided to become a 200 Hrs RYT Yoga Instructor with Vyasa Yoga Singapore.

What has been the most memorable experience from your Yoga journey so far?

The most memorable part of my work right now is when participants tell me that the exercises I give to them to do really work to ease their pain, whether it is a tight neck, stiff shoulders or hip area. It serves as a reminder of how beneficial Yoga can be when a stretch or a few poses can significantly help with a person's well-being, pain, or posture.

“I want to put the skills of improving your physical and mental health into your hands”

What Yoga classes do you teach now?

I conduct regular group and private classes in Hatha Flow and Basic Hatha targeted at giving you the stretch you need, the challenge to get stronger, more flexible, and to give you the peaceful calm to take you through the rest of the day.

How are you adapting to covid19 and how do you think the situation will change once restrictions are lifted?

I'm an introvert so staying home and working from home is perfect. I do miss going out and meeting people, of course. I am aware that in Singapore, because of gross inequality, we may be in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat. When restrictions are lifted, I hope it will not result in disaster with widespread community infections. To me, if I have to live with this situation for 2 years until a vaccine is tried and tested, and proven to work, I can do it. But I sympathize with those who struggle to get by every day with not enough to eat, failing businesses to worry about, and abusive partners they cannot escape from.

Any last words of advice for our readers?

‘Don’t stop when it hurts, stop when it's done. This too shall pass.'

Well said Gwen! That's great advice! Thank you for talking to us today.

If you want to catch Gwen in action, you can join her online yoga sessions from this link

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