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"I’m just a  regular  person who enjoys every moment of my life. My to-do list is quite straightforward — lift weights, eat pizza, and be happy.” Joyce Sng

Simple pleasures indeed. Sounds like Joyce has it all figured out. We catch up with fitness trainer Joyce Sng in this sixth installment of WorkoutParty! trainer feature.

Where did your journey start?

I think my journey with fitness and health started within myself. I had several health issues due to obesity. I reached a point in my life where I wanted to change my lifestyle and that I think this is the best decision I ever made. There has been no looking back since. Now I am an ACE CPT/ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist/CF-L1 looking to motivate and inspire people every day.

What inspires you as a trainer?

I believe that fitness plays an important role in our lives. We need to let go of the misconception that being thin means being fit. Breaking that mindset is the first goal in my journey as a trainer. Many people want to change to a healthier lifestyle but often,  they don’t know how to start. Having had personal experience with obesity, I have been able to empathize with my students and bring them to accept their body first. Being a fitness trainer allows me to provide guidance and the direction for them to enhance their own well-being.

What’s your fitness mantra?

Fitness is a journey that I strongly believe should never end. To that end, I keep telling myself "Don't stop! Keep moving! Almost there!". It pushes me to work harder everyday and isn't that what life is all about? Moving forward, every single day.

What kind of classes do you conduct?

I conduct a variety of classes to meet the different goals people have — fat loss classes for those looking to shed a few pounds, functional fitness classes for those to keep up their agility, boot camp for those interested in some hardcore workout days. I also have classes for my students who are looking for general well-being and focusing on improving their strength and conditioning.

Personal fitness quote that you live by

"Inspired to inspire"

If I could inspire even one person and change the way they address their body, I think my job as a trainer is done.

An ACE CPT/ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist/CF-L1, Joyce has transformed the lives of many amateur fitness enthusiasts over the years. If you are looking for a trainer to help achieve your fitness goals, visit WorkoutParty! to reserve a place for her session. Also, read about our other featured WorkoutParty trainers here.

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