#featuredtrainer - Kim Eusope

In this fourth installment of #WorkoutParty!Trainer, we talk to WorkoutParty! Trainer Kim Eusope about his fitness journey and what makes him tick.

‘Fitness isn't size, it’s a feeling!’

16 years of honing his craft and doing what he loves  has seen Kim Eusope don many hats masterfully - fitness instructor, professional dancer, and performer.

How did your journey into fitness begin?

I have always been a charismatic and energetic spirit and what better way for that to find expression than through dance?

That’s how, initially, I began my journey into fitness. After training in various forms of dance and gaining mastery in them, I transitioned into teaching.

But to have any mastery at all in dance, fitness is of paramount importance. That’s how my initial fraternization with fitness began.

Soon enough, my interest blossomed into a full-fledged career and I began teaching dance and fitness. My specialties are fat loss and strength and conditioning.

What has been the most memorable experience in your fitness journey  so far?

My career has been filled with memorable moments and experiences but one that jumps to mind was when I represented a company on a cruise ship meant just for fitness instructors.

Sharing ideas and thoughts on fitness and dance with like-minded individuals was an informative and enriching experience - one that I hold dear to me to date.

What is the most important consideration for a fitness instructor?

At the risk of sounding shallow, fitness instructors need to understand that their appearance is their main selling point.

You can’t promote yourself as an expert in fitness if you don’t look the part. When people see that you are in shape, they inherently develop trust that you can help them shape up too.

As a performer, I need to maintain my aesthetic. That is my most important consideration.

How are you adapting to the Covid-19 lockdown and how do you think the situation will change once restrictions are lifted?

People need to realize that fitness needs to be a way of life. As such, while the world waits out this pandemic, I have noticed that many are making it a point to work out at home.

It has been a time of challenges but an enlightening period in our lives nonetheless where people learn how to maintain fitness and health despite not being able to pursue any activity in the outside world.

Once the restrictions are lifted, hopefully, people embrace physical activity and not take it for granted. Challenge yourself physically and mentally - you never know when it may be taken away from you!

A word of advice for our readers?

One last rep of burpees! Fitness is a game of the mind as much as it is of the body. You need to be mentally willing to push yourself through one more rep.

It needs to be cultivated as an attitude, the propensity to push yourself to the best that you can be.

Well said Kim! Thanks for talking to us today!

Kim is one of the WorkoutParty! Trainers conducting free fitness workout sessions on the Rovo App. Do visit WorkoutParty! to reserve a place in his session.  Also, read about our other featured WorkoutParty trainers here.

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