#featuredtrainer - Raphael Revindran

Raphael is a firm believer in self-mastery. A certified RYT - 200, ADAPT Level 1 trainer, he has helped numerous people through their transformation journey. His parkour and yoga classes are popular among his students for their harmonious system of movement, mindfulness, and minimalism. Read more about Raphael in our #WorkoutParty!Trainer feature.

Where did your journey start?

I am drawn to the serenity of yoga and vigor of parkour. My journey began when I focused all my energy on developing the mind as well as the body. As I explored further, I found my calling in fitness training. I am happy to say I have helped a lot of my students through a transformative journey that helped them surpass their limits and achieve true potential with my classes.

What motivated you to become a trainer?

I realized my passion is in guiding people to discover themselves. I love the feel of accomplishment when I help my students through their journey of self-discovery and development. I personally feel everyone deserves to experience their fullest inner potential, and what better way to help one achieve just that than through fitness.

Your 'dragon scroll' or fitness mantra?

I think I have to say I have three mantras when it comes to fitness — flow states, self-mastery, and mindful movement. One has to be conscious of the flow states, walk their path to fitness through self-mastery, and be aware and mindful of the body movements both in training and outside. Combined, these three mantras work well together and will help excel in everything we do.

How do you feel about this quarantine?

The situation is different but manageable for me. I have been teaching online classes under the studios I am associated with. It is a different experience, but I do put in the effort to make the class as seamless as possible for my students. We see a lot of classes happen online, but how we differentiate ourselves really plays an essential role in surviving this situation.

How will the situation change once restrictions are lifted?

I believe now that people have been exposed to online classes, studios should continue to offer them. Virtual classes definitely have a place in the industry, and they are a great way to get people moving. Of course, nothing will beat the experience of actual classes. I am expecting small classes of students to return to gyms while still following strict protocols like wearing masks.

What do you help your students with?

I strongly believe in the journey of the inner self to success. To that end, my classes are focused on mobility, transformation, sports nutrition, and handstands. Movements specific to each of these focus areas has allowed my students to realize their true potential. I also have classes for parkour and yoga. Commitment and dedication can work wonders for a person who is on a fitness journey.

Personal fitness quote that you live by

Over the years, I have seen people stop or give up on fitness when they hit a wall. Sometimes your expectations are not met instantly. During those times, I strongly urge them on my personal fitness quote, “the obstacle is the path.” We might not accept it right away, but if you think about it when you are on the path, every obstacle might mean the end of the road, but it is not. We have to keep at it because those obstacles show us that we are on the right path.

Mindfulness and inner peace are two paramount experiences Raphael's classes offer. For a journey to discover your inner self, he has specific classes that awaken the mind's senses. If you are looking for a trainer to help achieve your fitness goals, visit WorkoutParty!  to reserve a place for the session. Also, read about our other featured WorkoutParty trainers here.

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