There is always a bad side to a very good thing, with such good thing being racket sports when this article is concerned. Testosterone, a bodily element necessary for peak athletic, naturally reaches its highest levels during professional sport-play. Such testosterone however, given the aggression it infuses any sports player in competitive play with, could go overboard with nasty results. We pick 4 of the worst of such moments in racket sports.

Pete Sampras v Andre Agassi

A charity match would be the last place to expect an intense testosterone-induced scruff between two players, and yet it happened at the 2010 Indian Wells tennis charity matches in the middle of a 'friendly' doubles between Sampras and Agassi, who were both on opposite teams. It all started with Agassi not taking too well to Sampras' public imitation of hid duck-walk, which was quite insensitive thinking about it, as such duck-walking was due to a chronic back-pain that Agassi has been suffering from throughout most of his life. Agassi returned the favour with a the public hanging of Sampas' bad tipping habits, and then history was made with a serve sent by Sampras into Agassi's body deliberately.

Lin Dan v Li Mao

China's badminton star Lin Dan has always been temperamental, but little did people expect him to lose his emotional control after his Korea Open Super Series,2008 final loss to Lee Hyun-il, which he blamed his outburst on his compatriot Li Mao, the coach of South Korea men’s team. As can be seen in the video below, the clash broke out after a shuttle from Lee seemed to have gone out from Lin Dan’s baseline, but was called in by the line judge. Lin Dan complained to the umpire as he approached the chair. As he neared the coach’s chair, Li Mao clearly said some things unpalatable for Lin Dan, which caused him to suddenly lose his temper and raise his racket toward Li Mao, resulting in an all-for-all shouting match between Lin Dan, Li Mao and Zhong Bo, Lin Dan’s coach.

McEnroe v Conners

Like the Agassi-Sampras Indian Wells feud, this spat took place not in a competitive setting but at an exhibition match in Chicago in 1982. What most expected to be a light-hearted but competitive match between the two Americans, soon became something much more than that. A few back-and-forth moments resulted in this classic scene in which Connors crossed the net and confronted McEnroe face-to-face. McEnroe seemed agitated-calm but pushed Connors away before the officials got involved. However, the crowds might want to thank the fight, for the match became an intense five hour five-setter grinder, the level of intensity of which no doubt would have been a function of the testosterones that the spat let free. To those who may be curious, Connors went on to win the match.

Bodin Issara v Maneepong Jongjit

No words can describe this fight between the two former partners - they played together representing Thailand at the 2012 London Olympics.

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