It's all in the news. Lee Chong Wei, the greatest badminton player to have ever graced the badminton professional scene, crashed out of the Badminton Asia Championships to a young upstart, Kento Momota. But who is he? It turns out that the victory over Lee Chong Wei might not have been that surprising after all, given the achievements which he have already attained, and which belie his tender age of only 23!

His list of notable achievements include...

  • Winning all his his matches during Japan's maiden Thomas Cup victory in 2014
  • Being the first Japanese to win the Singapore Open
  • Being the first Japanese player to successfully capture a Super Series in Men's Singles
  • Currently holds the record as the youngest Super Series champion in the Mens' Singles category.
  • Winning all his matches for Japan at the 2015 Sudman Open?
  • Becoming the first Japanese to win a medal at the BWF World Championships Jakarta 2015, by winning the championship....
  • Being the winner in the 2015 edition of BWF World Superseries Final in Dubai

Lee Chong Wei certainly hit the mark when he commented on how Kento Momota is a 'world class player'!

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