Deepak Software Engineer at Rovo

Today, we belatedly celebrate Rovo software engineer Deepak's birthday (his birthday was yesterday) with this interview article. We decided that the perfect birthday gift for him from us would be an interview.

You are still working on your birthday. Why is that so?

For me, birthday is just another day haha.... Keeping that aside, I usually prefer to come to office and celebrate it with the team later in the evening. Because with Rovo, everyday its challenging with new problems to solve in terms of growth, rentention, userflow, features and so on. It would be awesome on my birthday, we go out for drinks, have fun and discuss on solutions and ideas for challenging problems.

What do you think is unique about the people and work culture in Rovo, apart from the daily hustle?

Everyone is very much supportive and have good understanding. Everyday is pretty fresh with team lunch(we head to timbre which has lots of option) and challenging problems to nail down. Getting to know what everyone is working on makes us to feel we are like family and share equal responsibility.

Which phrase would be the better descriptor for Rovo - a technology start-up, or a startup? Why?

Tough question. It depends on how we define technology start-up. But everyone in the team are technical and we are using technology to improve the product. For example, Ritesh mostly product guy becomes techie sometimes. Its amazing to know he built Rovo website and internal tools.

What is the main motivation driving you in your work at rovo

i) Amazing product with huge oppurtunity to do more.
ii) Awesome team.
iii) User engagement in the product and their feedback.

Happy (working) birthday Deepak! 🎂🎂🎂

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