Home Workouts: Workout anytime, anywhere

Imagine going under lockdown carrying a bit of weight or looking on the heavy side , and coming out of it looking as fit as a fiddle. That's bound to make your friends go, 'WOW' when they finally see you!

Since going to the gym is not possible, the best way to go about is through home workouts. Now, having tried home workouts for a month or two now, the question is, are home workouts a good enough substitute for the gym? Will we see more people continue their home workout routines even after lockdown is lifted?

So, let's look at the pros and cons before arriving at a conclusive answer.

Home Workouts: Pros

Affordability: No matter the scale of your home gym, chances are it's lighter on the wallet than a full-out gym membership. You can save a substantial amount by home gymming and still reap the health benefits of working out.

Efficiency: You decide how long your workouts go, saving you valuable time on a busy day. It’s your house, and you are the boss here. Time is money!

Flexibility: The flexible scheduling of home workouts works well to suit your daily routine and habits. Skip the hassle of driving to the gym. It's almost liberating in a way!

You are the star: Since it's just you at your home, the focus of your workouts should be YOUR development, instead of being a healthy competition between fellow gym members.

Workout to your favorite music: You can pick your favorite workout tracks. Design your workout anthem however you like for that extra motivation A minor perk, but still worth it!

Wear whatever you want: You have the freedom to work out in whatever you're comfortable in. Sweats, joggers, tracks, you choose.

Avoid Crowds: Working out in the gym during peak periods would dissuade even the most avid gym-goers. Hogging shared equipment. Constant yapping. Sweat spots. The overall lack of gym etiquette is a bummer. Crowds are a non-existent problem at-home gyms. Besides in the age of social distancing, this is vital!

Trainers on Demand: You have excellent trainers at the tap of a button. There are many smartphone apps out there to help you get in tip-top shape at home.

Home Workouts: Cons

Distractions: It's quite easy to lose focus at a home gym because distractions are everywhere. The TV, a phone call, or even kids running about, it's easy to get sidetracked. A great tip is to rope your kids into your workouts, one, they get to burn off the extra energy (parents, we got you!), two, they learn the value of exercise early on.

No access to equipment You won't have access to the fancy gadgets and apparatus that you'd find in a big gym. This is not a con, however, because many cheaper alternatives can still get you the same results.

No Workout Partner: You don't have a companion to help keep you motivated to the gym. It's just you and your weights, which can get a little lonely at times. Thankfully, live-streaming apps are a thing, and they help bridge this gap well.

Gym Workout: Pros

Personal trainers for everything: The easiest advantage that comes in anyone’s mind in case of a gym is the availability of trainers. A personal trainer for cardio or a nutritionist for weight loss or a trainer for strength gaining being by your side and pushing gives a huge boost to workout.

Lots of equipment: It becomes much easier when you have lots of options to choose from. If you want to do cardio, your choices abound: the treadmill, elliptical, stairclimber, stair stepper, stationary bike, rowing machine...it goes on and on. You also have options for lifting weights. You have machines, free weights, cable machines, bands, and more. There may be other things, too, like a pool, hot tub, tennis courts, etc.

Cost motivation: Yes, gyms can be costly. But once you pay the amount, you get an automatic motivation to work out regularly to redeem the large sum paid.

Gym Atmosphere: Less distraction! The amount of people sweating out their lives to be fit makes the entire atmosphere ooze with a motivation to push.

Gym Workout: Cons

Too many requirements: Leaving aside the cost factor, the amount of effort is a huge con for a gym lifestyle. Change your clothes, fill up your bottle, pack your towel, pack an extra pair of dress, drive for a while in traffic, make sure both your phones and earphones are charged, the list is never-ending! And you haven’t even begun working out. What a hassle.

Procrastination: Lazing around is addictive. Few missed classes and the need and motivation to workout just vanishes. There is a reason a gym is crowded on Jan 1 and it stands empty on Jan 2nd.

No Social Distancing: With Covid19, a new disadvantage joins the list. People. Sweaty people, using the same weights, same machines, same treadmills. It just contradicts the very idea of social distancing.


Home gymming and professional gymming are like apples and oranges. Though they are of the same category, they are distinct enough to be compared. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference.

Home workouts bring a world of merits, so much so that they are a viable alternative to hitting the gym. It is safe to say that home workout is an easy option to begin your fitness journey with. And with the majority of your time being spent in your house, it’s about time we dust off our new year’s resolutions and get cracking! And this is where WorkoutParty! comes in.

With WorkoutParty!, you have a professional trainer at your service giving you personal attention every time you work out, and also someone to workout with! You also get real-time feedback during each workout. With home workouts being a very common thing these days, we have taken the best of both the house and the gym world and brought this amazing masterpiece to you!

So, put on your comfortable pajamas, play your favorite jam, crank the volume, and turn your home into a place to sweat it out and meet your fitness goals.

WorkoutParty! Workout anytime, anywhere