This is an unfortunate rule of the universe - different styles of anything have different levels of pleasantness to the human eye. What are some of the most horrible styles, in our eyes, of some of the best tennis players in the planet? Read on to find out!

  1. Gasquet's forehand

The Gasquet forehand. An absolute aesthetic abomination. It does not in fact look like a forehand at all, but a poor imitation of the around-the-shoulder swing typically characteristic of Nadal. There is a reason to this madness, and that is his uncharacteristic adoption of the Continental forehand grip, which makes him the only tennis player we know who uses such. To make matters worse, another forehand grip completely unpleasant to the eye exists in our books, and that is the Hawaiian forehand grip, and the Continental forehand grip ranks below that. Perhaps it is not coincidence that the main weakness of Gasquet is the forehand - which holds virtually no punch, and too often short.

  1. Dementieva's serve

Dementieva's serve is as unsightly as Federer's is beautiful. The main feature of this beast is her not-too-natural arm take-back before she tosses the ball. This was most likely the largest factor in her adopting a posture too rigid for the average eye, when the ball is at the highest point of the toss - the moment when most tennis players get into the most aesthetically pleasing snap-shot serving motion possible. It is most definitely not coincidence that she is known to hit her serves into the wrong side of the court, which resulted in a series of 'Dementieva serve fail' videos on Youtube.

  1. Everything about Dogopolov

At the time of writing this, we are still deciding between the best descriptor for Dogopolov's style of play - is it the word 'crazy', or is it the word 'bizarre'? With his wild crazy unorthodox - probably the conventional descriptor used by the public for reasons of maintaining an acceptable degree of political correctness - swings, he looks more like a nomadic warrior as opposed to a professional athlete. There is also a strong anachronistic vibe surrounding the man. Which time period and which empire does he actually belong to? The Mongol Empire during the late Medieval Age would be our best guess.

  1. Look and demeanor of Davydenko

This is probably quite unexpected, for Davydenko,a rather normal person, to appear on this list of the bizarre. Well, the weird thing about him is that he looks more like the triathlete than a tennis player. Perhaps its his lean figure combined with his bald head, or something else, we cannot pinpoint the exact factor(s) contributing to this extreme-athlete vibe of his, but he does look weird welding a tennis racket for professional reasons. We have also never seen him worn a collar tennis shirt, and he certainly would have looked in one. Just imagine a Tim Ferris lookalike playing professional tennis.

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