Hand eye coordination - perhaps the most crucial SKILL in any racket sport. It is a skill however, that is seen by many as not being able to be worked on. 'They greatness of Federer was mainly due to his gifted abilities at anticipating the ball, and his equally gifted hand eye coordination standards', 'Ma Long has much better natural hand eye coordination - no one can catch' they all reason. While it is true to a certain extent that players like such are gifted in a way which cannot be attained by normal human beings, this does not mean that these 'gifts' cannot be worked on. There are plenty of hand eye coordination exercises out there to aid you in such, if you want. This article is written for exactly such a purpose, containing within it some of Rovo's favorites of such exercises. Read on and enjoy!

Wall catch

Stand roughly 5 feet away from a comfortably enough smooth outdoor wall. When in position, throw a tennis ball at the wall and, then catch. As you get better, and want to further challenge your hand-eye coordination and reflexes, throw with your right hand and catch with the left.

Near-Far Eye Exercise

Pick two objects that are in a line - one close-by and one far away. For example, if you are outside, you might pick a bus in front of you and a skyscraper in the distance. Focus on the stop sign, then on the chimney. Switch your eyes back and forth from the near object to the far one as quickly as possible.

Creative Catch

Draw 10 simple symbols (for instance, a circle) on a white plastic ball using a black permanent marker. Stand approximately 10 feet away from a partner and toss the ball back and forth between you and him/her. Before you catch, call out the symbol that you see right before grab the ball.

Make it natural

This is in our opinion the most important part of this blog article. We understand that training something for the sake of training something is no fun, and not naturally sustainable. We thus recommend making these changes to your life to speed up and sustain your quest for better hand eye coordination:

  • Play more racket sports
  • Play more sports in general
  • Play more video games. An outstanding linebacker (American football) said it all, that his primary mode of personal hand-eye coordination training is hitting the video games

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