From the wacky to the academic, these facts would provide you with a significant arsenal of conversational material when the topic of squash is concerned. What are you waiting for, jump into this article and imbibe them all!

Did you know... squash contributed to a major breakthrough in science

A squash court at the University of Chicago was used as the venue for the first controlled, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. Enrico Fermi (the main brain behind the science of the atom bomb) and his colleagues secretly engineered it in Chicago Pile Number One, the world's first nuclear reactor, in 1942. It was built as part of the Manhattan Project to construct the first atomic weapons.

Something to end the ever-endless debate over the healthiest sport...

Squash been voted the healthiest sport to play by Forbes magazine based on cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, calories burned, and risk of injury

Something of use when speaking to fans of both tennis and squash...

The J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions has been given the affectionate label 'the Wimbledon of squash' - it is the best and largest opportunity to see the most competitive squash in the world. It takes place in Grand Central.

To those who need something to free their minds from something overly-stressful...

Prince Philip played squash while Queen Elizabeth II was in labor (for 30 hours) giving birth to Prince Charles, most probably to ease his mind of the stress that must have swelled up inside him

Something to overturn what-must-be-conventional-belief

No, you are wrong, squash is not actually a sport in the Olympics. Bizarrely, this state of affairs could probably only end in 2024, as people are lobbying for its acceptance in the all-inclusive sporting event, an outcome that is far from certain.

To those who think squash is more popular than it really is...

Squash is played today by more than (yet ONLY) 25 million people and there are nearly 50,000 courts around the world in 185 countries. As a point of comparison, there are between 750,000 and 1 million tennis courts in the world.

To those who did not know that there is a reason for squash to be called'squash'...

The first players used rubber balls, which, when hit, squashed against walls, hence the name.

To those who thought squash originated as a sport played by posh British prep-school kids...

Upper class prisoners in the London debtors' prison had previously played a similar sport, rackets, which involved hitting a ball against walls with rackets to get exercise, and is thought to be the progenitor of the modern-day variant we all know today as 'squash'. This fact is solemnly affirmed by the World Squash Federation, and therefore cannot be wrong.

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