New Update: Private groups!

Introducing Rovo Groups

Hey everyone! It's time to update your app with a new feature: Private groups!

Managed to find a few regular buddies on Rovo & now find it hard to create games amongst each other? Switching back & forth between multiple messaging apps? Tired of endless messages to coordinate timings for the game? - We hear you.

This feature is built especially for you regular folks.

Start by creating a group

Creating a group takes less than 30 seconds. Tap on the + button in your inbox or 'Create group' to create a group & invite your friends.

Create a group and invite your buddies

Once you do, you can...

  • Track your games as a group
  • Create games & invite everyone in the group.
  • Easily keep track of who's coming or not. Real time. - No more copy & pasting messages.
  • Increase your group's Pulse score. (coming soon)
  • & of course, chat with each other.

Here's a quick preview of what a game invite looks like for groups:
Get a game going in seconds

We hope you enjoy this update. It was only possible thanks to your feedback - so keep it coming!

☝️Oh... and one more thing.

In addition to Private groups, we will also be launching public groups soon. If you are looking forward to use public groups - reach out to us at! We'd be happy to share some early designs for it :D

We're also particularly excited about Rovo Pulse. Very soon, you'll be able to track, visualise & earn Pulse points for every game you play, match you win & more! All your current & previous activity on Rovo will count towards your Pulse score too, so start playing more today!

Tap below to find out more about Rovo Pulse

Coming soon - Rovo Pulse

Rovo is an app that connects you with other sports players nearby. It takes the hassle out of coordinating timings and matching others of the same skill level so you can #playmore!

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