Learn more about the Responsive Badge

What is the Responsive badge?

You can see the above badge on the profile of players that have earned it. The Responsive badge is given to the top most active players in the Rovo community. That is, players that are most frequently arranging hits with others & are good at responding to the messages they receive from others.

Why have a Responsive badge?

Sometimes, players go on holiday, or are unable to play for some time due to injury but they forget to update their profile. The Responsive badge helps to give you better idea & makes it easier for you to arrange hits.

How do I earn the Responsive badge?

You can earn the Responsive badge by doing two things: being proactive & replying your messages. Being proactive means reaching out to more players to arrange hits, while making sure to respond to all messages you receive from other players in a timely manner. We calculate the Responsive score frequently, so even if you’ve been inactive in the past, you can still get the Responsive badge in a short time.

Can I lose my Responsive badge?

Yes, if there are other players in the Rovo community who’re more proactive in arranging hits & more responsive to other players, you may lose your badge. We calculate the Responsive score frequently thought, so even you lost it, can still get it back in a short time of being Responsive.

How do I keep my Responsive badge?

You can keep your Responsive badge in the same way that your earned it: By being more proactive & responsive. Reach out to more players to arrange hits & respond to those who message you in a timeline manner.

How is the Responsive score calculated?

We calculate two scores for each player: a proactive score & a reply score. The proactive score helps to gauge players who are proactively messaging others to arrange hits. The responsive score gauges how responsive a player is in replying to messages they receive. We sum up the proactive & responsive scores to give an overall Responsive score. The badge is given to the top 20th percentile of players.