Hello all, I hope it was a good Thursday for all of you. For those of you who bear to sleep too late, or wake up too early, I would suggest you watch this match. In it are pitted two men who have reached the semi-finals of the US Open (although one has had done so on a more consistent basis). The time would be 2.15 am, three hours from the time of writing this.

Do not be fooled by the lopsided head-to-head between the two players. Although Federer leads 16-0 in the matches they have played against each other, Youzhny is a dangerous fellow. The powerful ground-strokes of his could make some tears into Federer's game, and he has - according to Peter Lundgren at least - the best slice in the world. Just look at the clip just below...

One-sided as this match may be, we believe that it would be a rather entertaining one, given that Youzhny is a top-notch player in his own right. He was after all former world no.7. We calculate that Federer would have a 91% chance of winning the match.

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