We all need some laughs in our lives once in a while. It keeps us happy and sane, and makes us live longer. The trick is to find the funny in the ordinary things, and there are many moments in tennis world when things just get more... obscene than ordinary, making it laughing material. These are some of Rovo's top picks of such obscene moments - read on and enjoy!

Jimmy Connors calling Ivan Lendl a Faggot Playing Pusher

Jimmy Connors, alongside his compatriot and rival John McEnroe, has got to be a king of on-court obscenity (this in all earnestness is not an insult at all), and this moment is a perfect example why. Although distasteful to more conservative folks, we believe that such drops of obscenity by the 7-time grand slam champion complements his fiery and equally entertaining playing style. As for this incident, the randomness of this 'bombardment' (Lendl does not appear to be pushing at all) is what mainly makes this so sharply funny.

Fat man dancing at the US Open, makes Federer laugh

This should go down as a classic obscene moment. In fact, this reminds me of a scene in the film Patton (1970), during which General Patton reprimanded a soldier for having a picture of a nude woman posted on the wall right above his bed-sack. He tore off the picture with his cane, and sternly remarked 'this is a barracks, not a brothel.' Someone should have said the same thing to the man dancing in the stands of the Arthur Ashe stadium - that this is a professional tennis court, not a disco; and that this is a place for fit people, not fat people. Ironic humor is just one of the best forms of humor, is it not?

Hilariously weird tennis celebrations

This is an epic smorgasbord of bizarre and laugh-inducing celebrations. Rovo's own favorites among them are Monfils' 'wheel-driving', the player who shouted come-on right in a linesman's face, and the player who celebrated his win with his dog (the dog having been brought to him from the stands by his girlfriend). Concerning Monfils' celebration, it just looked pure wrong. We cannot think of another way to express our sentiment concerning such. I mean, why would he really do that? Mimicking the driving of a wheel is neither celebratory, nor relevant to a tennis court environment. To the screaming of the player in the linesman's face, the pure absurdity of such could probably be explained by the player needing a proper outlet for his wild celebratory emotions, while at the same time mentally substituting the linesman for his opponent - an unfortunate combination for the linesman. With regards to the player celebrating with the dog, we did not know that pets were allowed on the court. To break this rule would be land yourself in obscene territory.

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