The true tennis fan is the ultimate tennis fan. He lives, eats and sleeps for tennis almost very literally. The Sun would serve no major purpose without it allowing for weather friendly for a game of tennis. Good food and drinks would serve no other major purpose other than allowing for a good body recovery, which would allow for an sustainable and enjoyable next tennis game some time shortly after. This outlook should also apply to the movies for the true tennis fan. Movies without tennis scenes in it have no real meaning at all.

Strangers on a Train (1951)

We are massive fans of Alfred Hitchcock, not really for the wonderful suspense that he has given us with his prodigious list of productions, but because of his affinity with the sport of tennis. A kindred spirit from a different time period, it is a trait in quite a lot of Hitchcock's movies to have tennis scenes or conversation components about tennis embedded in them, the most notable of which being that in Strangers on a Train. In the incredibly suspensible pre-climax segment of the film, an important tennis match was played out between one of the major characters (who was at the same time rushing to reach a crime scene to get to some evidence to clear his name, off a murder crime framed upon him by the antagonist of the film. We did not enjoy so much the suspense, but the historical significance of the rather long tennis scene (I think it was around 10 minutes long) with the wooden tennis rackets and short mens' tennis pants (as were convention during that period of time).

Wimbledon (2004)

This movie is a must watch for those whose favourite grand slam of the year is none other than ... Wimbledon. The film is either typical or extraordinary to legendary proportions. Should this film be a fictional - contrary to the claims of one of those disclaimers in the film - it would be a typical romantic comedy, the mawkishness of which will never be made up for, even by the grandiosity of the Wimbledon setting. If this film is true to one of the movie disclaimers (which claimed that this was based on a true story) then it is a remarkable story, the fairy-tale of which is many times more than that of the Marcus Willis run at Wimbledon 2016. However, even if this epic storyline were to be true (we certainly hope it will be), the main reason why you should watch this film is because no other major motion picture has Wimbledon as its centre element (setting and title).

There is no greater glory than to indulge in the hollowed greens of the grass courts of Wimbledon - Roger So (Rovo intern)

Our intern (a very classy man by the why) himself said it.

The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

You have played tennis, but have you played a magical tennis game? For those of you who have not, The Witches of Eastwick would be an eye-opening experience! If my memory does not fail, the plot basically involves a devil (Jack Nicholson) moving into a luxurious mansion in Eastwick and seducing a couple of married women one by one. What I found most entertaining though, despite this very interesting storyline, was the tennis session between the ladies on a court in the devil's mansion. The whole mind-boggling magical sensation of it - lobs fling so high they reach, balls being literally as fast as the rocket and the powering of them with lightning? Just wow.

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