Dear Nadal,

We are writing this for the purpose of imploring you not to play the grass season, this year and all the years from now, both for the sake of your career, and all the fans out there who want to see you remain the king of clay forever. We are not advocating your skipping the grass simply because we want you to emulate the success of Roger Federer, but because we believe that doing so would actually allow you to surpass the grand slam record of Roger Federer. This should be done for the following reasons:

  1. Grass is where you bleed the most (both in the short-run, and long-run)

With all due respect, your performance on grass has not been the ideal you or I hoped, given the technical disadvantages you encounter playing on such surface. Although you have reached the finals at Wimbledon five times, even winning one against the then supposedly unbeatable king of grass, we believe that you would not be able to emulate such success on the surface ever, given the change in your physique which make you less agile despite giving you more speed and power. Your loss of agility would be particularly damaging to your chances on grass given the importance of quick reactions to fast and low balls. Your recent history at the tournament (since 2012) is testament to this. The increased muscular weight you have put on also means that the need for you to bend to a greater degree to retrieve lower-than-average balls would do your knees no good in the long-run, particularly since your most severe injury has been a knee problem.

  1. You will have a head-start over Roger Federer in this quest for longevity

Seizing every single moment, and perhaps even every single second, comes natural to great champions like yourself. But sometimes being too bent chasing every single opportunity for further greatness will do harm to your long-term prospects concerning the same chases, in the form of a burnout. It is proven that Federer's breaks work in scaling back your age (in fact his 2017 felt like his 2007), and this would be particularly useful for you given how hugely your game and performance are tied to your physical state. Most importantly, starting this now (at the age of 32) would give you a 4.5 year head-start over Federer, which will most probably given you more years than Federer in terms of your career lifetime, given the sheer length of 4.5 years in the context of a professional tennis career.

From just one of the many great fans of yours,

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