3 New features for you!

Hello players!

We've received a lot of feedback from the community centered around messages. We're happy to share three features based on all the feedback we've recieved!

Active badges

Rovo - Tennis buddies Active badges

The Active badge is given to the top most active players in the Rovo community. That is, players that are most frequently arranging hits with others & are good at responding to the messages they receive from others.

Look out for the active badge on the profiles of players you message. Those with the Active badge have earned it by being prompt in responding to their previous messages.

Read reciept

Rovo Read acknowledement

Now, you can also see if the other party has read your message. While waiting for their reply, you can message other players in the community to increase your chances of getting a hit!

Archiving messages

Archive messages

You can now archive messages from your past chats on Rovo. To do this, simply long press on the chat that you want to archive & you will see the popup like the screenshot above.

Thank you!

As always, thank you for continuously providing us feedback. We hope you find these new features useful. If you think of any more features that would help, send us an email to your friends@rovo.co! #playmore