#playmore #tennis? I'd swipe right to that!

Hello players!

We're committed to making it ridiculously easy to find tennis players to play with on Rovo. Today, we're happy to share a big update that we think makes it 10x more easier to arrange hits with other players.

Wait, but why?

A lot of you have reached out to say Rovo has been really easy to arrange games (bless you all!), but behind the nice messages, there was always a but...

It's actually quite troublesome to message 10-15 people at the same time & then wait for their reply. :(

Well.. now, you wont have to!

Introducing, Hit cards!

Your play tab in Rovo has now been revamped to show suggest hits based on common time slots, skill levels & location. Now all, you have to do is swipe right if you want to play, or Swipe left if you can't make it.

Rovo - tennis player hit cards

Swiping right to a player, will send them a message automatically to let them know that you'd like to arrange a hit.

Rovo - request a tennis game message

Once they reply OK, your hit is on immediately & you can work out the details of the exact time & location in chat.

Swiping left to a player will not message a player automatically, unless they have already asked you to play at that exact timeslot. In which case, swiping left will inform that that you're unable to make it.

Rovo - unable to make it for tennis session

Control the players you see

You can also control the players that Rovo suggests to you by tapping on the Play settings icon on the bottom right/ It looks like this:

Play tab settings icon

Once you tap on that icon, you'll see a couple of options which will help you control the types of players that Rovo suggests to you:

Play tab settings screen

You can vary the distance of players from your locations as well as their rating!

So there you have it! You now no longer need to message multiple people manually. Just swipe right & chances are you'd be up & playing in no time!

...Thank you!

As always, thank you for continuously providing us feedback. We hope you find this new feature useful. If you think of any more features that would help, send us an email to your friends@rovo.co! #playmore