For those of you who don't know, we're running our first Rovo Mystery Box giveaway.Read more about it here if you haven't already.

1. Share your public profile more!

Post your public profiles on Facebook groups! This technique was observed amongst some of our top referrers in the past campaign. You know who you are 😏

You can share your Rovo public profile on any of your favourite social network or chat app. The more of your buddies that join Rovo, the more likely you are to win the Mystery Box.

Important: Your buddies MUST join Rovo by going to your public profile. This allows us to track your invites.

2. Join or Start viral conversations on Twitter or Reddit. You never know who might just click on your link!

3. Do a shoutout on your Instagram/ Facebook or even Whatsapp groups!
The shoutout is effectively a request for players outside of Rovo, but it includes your profile link too, so if anyone joins Rovo through that, they get tagged to you! Pretty neat eh.

4. Take a selfie with your hitting partner after your hit and share it
Include your profile link in the post too!

5. Most importantly, #PLAYMORE. Playing more & tracking your hits on Rovo earns you 3 times as many chances to win the Rovo Mystery box. So #PLAYMORE to #WINMORE. :)

#playmore @rovoapp

Rovo is an app that connects you with other sports players nearby. It takes the hassle out of coordinating timings and matching others of the same skill level so you can #playmore!

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