Singapore has earned its place on the world for its regional financial prowess, and also perhaps its food. But metrics do we typically use to evaluate a nation's international status? There are no doubt several, but today we will look at a rather qualitative one - tennis stars who have visited Singapore

1)Roger Federer

The king of tennis is also the king of Singapore visits. I remembered him coming to Singapore for this event as an ambassador for Credit Suisse, and then you have the IPTL league in 2015. The number of visits made to the little Red Dot by Federer will definitely not be more than a handful, but it is actually very substantial when one considers the amount of spare time that Federer (or any other similarly ranked tennis professional really) has. We wondered if Federer ever tasted Mee Pok though.

  1. Eugenie Bouchard

The Infinity Pool of Marina Bay Sands became one step more internationally well-known when Eugenie Bouchard in full (self-broadcasted too, on instagram) publicity visited it and conducted her Yahoo interview right there. She also had time to spend some chill-out time over there on a bench by the pool. We hoped you enjoyed your time there Bouchard!

  1. Andre Agassi

Like several of his fellow ATP players who had the Changi Airport immigration pass stamped on their passports because flew into Singapore for the IPTL of 2015, Andre Agassi deserves mention here for his visit to the Shangri-La hotel in Tanglin, for his lighting up of a Christmas tree. It was reputed that Andre Agassi played some tennis at the Singapore Island Country club, which was not a publicised event though.

  1. Maria Sharapova

This might be very anecdotal being put this way, but we remember Sharapova coming to Singapore in 2009 or 2010 for some reason, and that some kids even got the chance to hit with her. Apart from that, she deserves mentioning here for launching her own 'Singaporean' candyline Sugarpova at Robinsons The Hereen in 2014.

And of course, we have the..

WTA Finals finalists who come here every year, although players typically rotate

And we had the...

IPTL Tennis League in the years 2015 and 2016

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