Introducing... Ranked games!

Introducing Ranked games

We've launched one of our most exciting updates so far: Ranked games! With this update, now you can:

1) Add match scores to your games.
Add match scores

It's super simple. Just tap on the 'Scores' tab during or after the game to add your scores. Scores will be recorded in your Match history, found in your profile page.

2) Track your progress with Rovo points
Rovo points

Whenever you add a match score, it gets tracked on your Rovo points screen. When you win a match, you will gain points. When you lose a match, you lose points as well. Your progress as a player is tracked right here. This point system is designed based on ELO Rating system, used by chess and other sports around the world.

3) See where you stand as a player

With your Rovo points, you will be able to see where you stand in your country's rankings or just amongst your friends. You can now start challenging the players above you to a ranked game!

Unlock these features by getting Pulse

Get access to these features by getting Pulse (Beta). It's currently free so you're just one tap away from playing matches with players and climbing your country's rankings.