Have you ever had to stop the fun of soccer-playing, when you just find yourself out of breath after a short while? Or are you a serious soccer player, who is always berating the absolute horrendous of your physical state, no matter how fit other people think you are? If you fall under either one of these categories, or both, this article is meant for you. Soccer is a fun sport, and we want to help all soccer players, of all standards, in their fitness goals such that they would be able to enjoy the game better. These are some exercises which will allow you to deal with the sport's physical intensity way better.

Shuttle Run

You need to be careful and precise with time when doing this exercise, given the huge degree to which the effectiveness of this exercise is dependent on such. As such, we say that getting a stop watch is a must to carry this out successfully

  • Place two cones such that they are 20 yards from each other.

  • Start from one cone, and run from that cone to the other, and back. Ideally, running there and back three times should form one rep

  • Each of these reps should be completed in less than 30 seconds. The earlier you finish, the more time you have to rest when the going gets tougher.

  • 5 reps should consist one set

  • Do 3 sets of this, with 2 and a half minutes of rest time in between each set.

As your this exercise becomes easier, the distance between the cones should be wider.

Beep Test

Used by military units and elite athletic coaching programs all across the world for a long time, this fitness exercise is a classic.

The stuff you will need to carry this out:

  • 2 cones set up 20 meters apart from each other

  • Beep Test audio

How the exercise should be carried out:

While listening to the audio of the Beep Test you must get to the other cone, starting from the one of the cones, before the beep sounds. If you miss two consecutive beep calls, you will be 'finished'.

For soccer players serious about their fitness levels, this could be a good tool to weight their fitness progress if carried out once every few weeks. A good score for a soccer player should be 14 or above, while a world class soccer player would score 17 or above.


We recommend doing sets of 5 burpees each for starters. Rest times between each set should be no longer than 30 seconds ideally. As you advance, rest times should be shorter, and the number of reps should be longer

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, weight in your heels, and your arms at your sides.
  • Push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body into a squat.
  • Place your hands on the floor directly in front of, and just inside, your feet. Shift your weight onto them.
  • Jump your feet back to softly land on the balls of your feet in a plank position. Your body should form a straight line from your head to heels. Be careful not to let your back sag or you butt stick up in the air, as both can keep you from effectively working your core.
  • Jump your feet back so that they land just outside of your hands.
  • Reach your arms over head and explosively jump up into the air.
  • Land and immediately lower back into a squat for your next rep.

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