Some (definitely not all) locations of the ATP Masters 1000 tournaments are some of the best places on earth - with a good diversity of Old and New, and the West and East. Here are our favourite 4.


This is the only modern location amongst the four, and is a favourite of ours for two qualities typically associated with a modern place - multiculturalism, dynamism and excitement. Despite its oriental core, Shanghai is a melting pot on steroids. No wonder it is magnet for foreigners (temporary or permanent), you get oriental charm at its purest without being completely enclosed by foreignness. The most famous of permanent residents include Albert Einstein and George Bernard Shaw.


This is perhaps the most beautiful city on earth. To truly appreciate such superlative city beauty however, one must look beyond the Effiel Tower and the Arch de Triumph. Have a walk along the majestically glamorous areas of Rue de Haussermann or the 1st and 2nd arrondissements (to name just only two). Paris is also the best place to spend - 'beautiful spending' as our brilliant intern Roger So terms it - with numerous chic fashion (or simply clothing) brands - the favourite of ours being a certain De Fursac since Roger So got his really cool-looking black coat from there!


We do not know the exact reason why we like Madrid, but like some of the grandest cities in Europe, it is intensely splendid in the historical way. Concerning such historical splendour you have the Palacio Real (the Royal Palace of Madrid) and its equally if not more exquisite garden (the Sabatini Gardens), and the Puerto Del Sol, to name only just two. Also, for the food lovers out there, Madrid has the best tapas in the world.


This is perhaps the most historically rich of the four. The Romans are still being felt throughout the entire city almost two thousand years after their demise. The random standalone columns (which we have to admit is bloody surreal) and numerous monuments/ruins make it appear more AD400 than 2018. The history does not stop at the frontiers of the ATP tennis location - it creeps over in the form of thousand-year-old looking marble statues which overlook the players from behind the observer stands.

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