In today's tennis scene at least, the sponsors get noticed almost as much as the players. But that applies only to the the best tennis sponsors - I mean most people don't know who the sponsors of major tennis events, other than for those most reputable. Think Rolex (known for sponsoring Wimbledon, JPMogranChase and Barclays. These are sponsors whose prestige and gracious image fit nicely with whatever the game of tennis stands for. Who are some of our favourite tennis sponsors? Read on to find out!

By no ranking of any order we have...


This no doubt come onto this list of ours. Rolex is the main financial arm behind the luminous events of Wimbledon and the Australian Open, and the watch sponsor of the greatest tennis player of all time. Do not mistake this sponsor being exclusively snobbish though - it is also the sponsor of numerous second-tier professional tennis players. Think the likes of Ana Ivanovic, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Juan-Martin del Potro and Li Na, all who in our eyes are (for lack of a better word or way describing) unworthy of the kind of glamorous endorsement associated with such a top-tier brand.


This banking giant is the main financial arm behind premier tennis events the US Open, and the Dubai Tennis Championships. What drew this firm onto this list is its qualities. The slick brand by no means contains just stylistic prowess - it embodies the qualities which the made the firm what it is today, and which allows it to continue to sustain itself in this way. Excellence, elitism (in the good sense), minimalist sophistication, innovation and power. These qualities, simple to define and dissect, hard to emulate, are what all men who as long as they have some kind of palpable urge to excel, should adhere to.


This is a major financial sponsor behind various professional tennis tournaments - including the Stuttgart Open, the US Open and the Laver Cup. The Mercedes star represents the firm's to deliver the best or nothing. This untamperable drive for excellence is something that all professional tennis players who were worthy enough to play in the professional events sponsored by this elite firm, can relate to. Like JPMorgan, Mercedes-Benz perhaps not coincidentally also exudes a strong minimalism, or even austerity. Perfection and beauty lies in simplicity. This quite true when we look at the best tennis players who have played the game. Take Roger Federer, the ultimate paragon of a tennis player for such virtues, has strokes that all mind-boggingly simple. There are no elaborations or complications, just the smooth and singular swing movements.

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