Some things in the world are just plain weird. This also applies to the range of sports available in the world. Here are 4 of which our team has in mind.

Trampoline Dodge-ball

If the concept of dodge-ball is strange enough, that of playing it on a trampoline takes it to whole new level of strangeness. What's more bizarre, is that dodge-ball is being taught in physical education classes across the world, to young children in primary school. If this does not represent some form of child abuse, then everything else in the world would cease to make sense. We at Rovo believe that there is a reason for why each sport is being played, and for dodge-ball it is the thrill of escaping death. As the quote from the movie Rush (2013) goes, the closer you are to death, the more alive you feel. The trampoline element makes sense to us only because it provides the option of waging war in the air, so you have a greater possibilities and ranges of attack.

Ostrich Chariot Racing

A race is meant for the fast. Sloth and sometimes, thinking, is meant for the slow. Such is an iron law of nature. Anything that defies nature, is weird by that count alone. For instance, imagine seeing someone using a fork to brush his teeth. To be fair, technically that is not impossible, but it violates an iron law of 'present-ability', and that is you use a tooth-brush to brush your teeth. Because of this violation, it is, and feels, weird. That was the kind of feeling that hit us when we got to know that such a sport as ostrich chariot racing exists. It would be far more normal to race on huge dogs, because although dog-racing is abnormal, it does not violate any iron law.

Shin kicking

If sport is meant to be an outlet for the natural warlike impulse of human beings, this will be sport in its most purest form. Although definitely less violent than sports such as wrestling, this sport is more primitive in the sense that this is pure raw fighting, with no medium of an equipment to give it a more some degree of apparent civility. Although this sport is that bizarre in the sense that the previous two aforementioned ones are, we at Rovo naturally ask this question: why can't anyone just go to a bar to witness the same thing in more purer form?


If the sports are not all physical, this will be the best exemplification of a mental sport. Even chess, requires some substantial calorie outflow from the moving of chess pieces. To do so a player would need to stretch out his arm and move his hand some distance to shift the position of the piece in mind. Even when sitting down and thinking, a chess player is often expanding calories at a pace faster than that of sit-down in more normal circumstances. The pressure usually impels him to lean forward, as opposed to leaning backwards which is the norm. What makes brain-ball most exceptionally weird however, is the fact that you win by being the more relaxed player. This contradicts a until-this unbroken rule of sport, which is the more you do the better.

Do you have any more weird sports in mind?

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