Great men and women live by principals, which are often 'materialized' by them in the form of mantras. This attests to the critical importance of an inner sense of stability, a forward and unbroken line of vision with regards to your felt or perceived destiny, in the bringing of success. Sachin Tendulkar is a man who needs no introduction, but for the benefit of those who do not yet know him he is the greatest batsman in cricket. The greatest in cricket history so far. His success and greatness is one testament to the vitality and driving power of principals. We bring you such principals of his in this article. Read on and enjoy.

Doing away with his ego

Pride is an unfortunate part of human nature. It is unfortunate that such exists, because it works again one positive part of human nature - the desire to work towards something, and stand above the rest in such. We at Rovo, cracking our philosophical minds, like to see these two as two sides to the double-edged sword of individualism. The later of the mentioned two qualities, is individualistic, because wanting to stand out represents a desire to be different. Pride is unjustifiable however, as much as the desire to stand out is, because it makes you lose sense of your true position in this present order of things. It makes you complacent, it makes you unnecessarily agitated by the successes of others, which are all things which cause you to truly lose motivation. With the loss of motivation, current productivity and your future proficiency, suffers.

He did not dwell

Dwelling is inseparable from the natural attitude of ingratitude. You deserved your Rolex watch, you deserved your investment banking job which you slogged so hard to attain, you deserved to win the tennis match, so on and so on. We at Rovo, in complete agreement of Sachin's philosophy, urges all of you habitual and natural dwellers to drop this tendency. It is not for nothing that 'practice gratitude' is conventionally seen as one of the key steps towards achieving success - any self-improvement guru will know this. Also, as an ancient saying goes, the no river is the same. Things are always in flux. By dwelling you use the circumstances of a different time period, to assess your current situation. In doing so, you tend to neglect, or if not fail to address, the current factors which contribute to your current misery.

He listened to himself

The world feels like a confusion of many different broken records, playing all at once disjointed and completely unrecognizable tunes, which you have no escape from. Everyone has a different set of views and advice on the all matters of the universe. All men are truly equal in this aspect however, and there is no answer that is right or wrong, except in the sense that certain answers work better for certain people. Your job will be to truly feel who you are, or rather your 'essence', and then self-craft and answer which you will follow. Other peoples' opinions should only affect you to the extent that they shape your answer(s) for the better as you feel it, and not override yours.

He looked for strong relationships/partnerships in his life

Human beings are social animals. It will be near possible (we think using 'impossible' might be too extreme) to function without close friends, family and good professional relationships. You are not completely capable in anything, and it naturally follows that people other than yourself will be the solution for such inadequacies. If this sounds utilitarian so far, it is - such is the way of life. However, there is also the human touch, which harks back to the first sentence in this paragraph. Human beings simply feel good around fellow human beings, unless there is a huge mismatch in chemistry. It is a human need as irreplaceable as oxygen itself.