Why you should stop using WhatsApp to organise your Sports games

Stop using Whatsapp for Sports - Rovo Groups

Got another 200 messages from your Badminton, Basketball, Football, Tennis or insert sport name group?

Can't figure out how to skip pass the 199 messages & get to the 1 that tells you if the game is actually on & who's going?

Tired of copy pasting the RSVPs?

Not to mention that 1 person who always (sometimes intentionally!) messes up because they copied an older message?

Let's face it - we all love WhatsApp, but it's broken for organising sports games. So really...

It's time you stop using WhatsApp to organise your games because.....

In the latest Rovo update, we've completely redesigned Rovo groups to help you organise games amongst your regular group of friends easily.

The new groups experience

Let's take a look at the new experience for groups:

About the group

Rovo Sports Groups - About
Here you can find the details about the group such as the privacy settings, admins, members, how you can join & what the group is about.

Leaders & Activity

Rovo Sports Groups - Leaders
Here you can see leaderboards created automatically just for your group. Two leaderboards based on games played & games won within the group come out of the box, with more coming soon!


Rovo Sports Groups - Games
Here you can see all the games that's upcoming in your group that you can join. Or, you can also host games within just your group. Doing so will also send an invitation to the group members via the group chat & you no longer have to keep track of RSVPs or copy pasting responses again! :)

Good old chat!

Rovo Sports Groups - Chat
With games having its own dedicated space in your group, you can use the chat section for what it's really for: Good old chatting, banter or sharing images about the amazing smash, goal or spike! :)

Group Privacy & Controls

In addition the new groups experience, you also have fine grain control over your group in terms of privacy & who can join:

Privacy Options

  • Public - This option allows non members of the group to see the member list & activity of the group before they join. Select this if you want your group to be discovered the most amongst the other two options.
  • Closed - This options only allows members of the group to see the member list & group activities. Admins will still be visible. This allows your group to be discovered by others, but they have to join before they can see any activities
  • Hidden - This option hides your group completely. Only members or those who have been invited to the group can see it.

Join options

  • Anyone can join - As the option suggests, with this option, anyone who sees the group can join it without an approval from the admin.
  • Admin approval - With this option, anyone who wants to join your group must first be approved by an admin.

& there's more...

As part of this update, we also redesigned the navigation in the app so have a dedicated section for groups, notifications & messages. Here's an overview of the new navigation:

Home & Community
Rovo app sections - Home & Community
Players, Games & Notifications
Rovo app sections - Players, Games & Notifications
Chats, Profile (You) & Settings
Rovo app sections -

Thank you!

We hope you enjoy these updates & as always, thank you so much for all your continuous support & feedback. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions let us know anytime by messaging us or our beloved Playbot in the Rovo app!

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