Inspired by an interesting (yes we know what you are thinking, please do not judge us) article we wrote up recently, we are creating this table tennis edition. Scroll down, read and enjoy!

Table tennis used to be played with books...

The early (think the 18th century) players of the game used to play it with whatever they laid their hands on. There is a great deal of leeway and creative when it comes to the 'rackets' used: this interesting list of items include thick books, sponge, sandpaper and even wood. Unfortunately, the bureaucratic rules pervading all aspects of the sport right now prevent such creativity from being expressed. How stifling the modern game is indeed!

Table tennis is known by scientists to be very good for your brain

For those of you who have difficulty concentrating when sitting down, or hate the experience of sitting down in and of itself, yet is a person motivated and inspired enough in general to want to improve yourself intellectually, you do not have to soak in what-to-you-feels-like lifelong depression ever. Table tennis is here to save you! The scientific reasoning goes that the most powerful brain boosters are activities that combine both aerobic activity and coordination. The aerobic activity facilities the generation of new brain cells, the connections between which coordination then strengthens, allowing your brain can recruit them for other more cognitive functions such as learning math.

The person with the most championship wins is not Chinese...

He in fact comes from a country most will never associate with the sport - Sweden. His name is Jan-Ove Waldner, whom Rovo is proud to have made a blog article out of a few months back. He has 16 world championships under his name, not to mention a couple of gold and silver medals gained at some Olympics.

The name 'table tennis' is not original...

The original name is Gossima. What is more interesting is the fact that table tennis went through a splendid array of names - Pim-pam, Punch ball, Flim-flam and Whiff-whaff. The reason for such was due to the competition between various different companies over patenting the sport. Commercial competition should be stifled!

Now, this is the weirdest fact on this list..

Table tennis balls, contrary to popular belief, are not hollow. In fact, the reason why table tennis balls are able to bounce at such great heights is due to such pressure. A table tennis ball without pressure would be one that gets crushed from within

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