A NTRP clinic would be a great idea! It's nearly impossible to figure out my rating if I'm doing it by myself, I hope I get selected!- Andrew (Rovo tennis player)

Unfortunately Andrew was not one of seven Rovo players (not so) randomly selected to attend a NTRP clinic on the 19th of August 2017, during which such doubts quashed about their NTRP ratings were quashed. The clinic - held at the rather remote Burghley Tennis Centre - was run by tennis coach Joel Loo specifically to erase doubts such as that for as many players as possible.

We thought of including some more players initially, about 12 actually. But because the NTRP assessment for each player is quite time-consuming, we figured 6 or 7 would be the optimum number for a truly productive 2-hour session and hence cut back the numbers. - Joel Loo (tennis coach)

Over the span of two hours, the 7 players were led through different assessment drills in a one-on-one fashion. The (forehand and backhand) ground-strokes, volleys, serves and court coverage were all covered. The drills were not entirely done for the purpose of assessment though, as nuggets of advice were intermittently distributed by Joel during and after each drill. A forehand ground-stroke that uses too much of the arm, or a serve that is not done with enough prior tuck-in of the shoulder etc - Joel has sought to point out the various errors made.

We are quite content with the outcome of the clinic. The number of participants in this was a tricky question for us when planning for the event, as its always difficult to find the perfect middle ground between having too many people, resulting in each person not having a satisfying enough experience given that lesser attention would be given to them, and having too little people, so that the event won't have the impact we want it to have. So seeing that these players were given the proper attention they deserve was really a relief for us**- Ritesh Angural (Rovo Co-founder)**

Discipline and enthusiasm were not the only two attitudes on the court though, despite the result-driven nature of this event. The seven players still had the energy and time needed for bonding. Laughs and jovial conversations were exchanged, friendships were built and great fun was universally experienced.

Everyone just seemed so happy and friendly. That's what I like most about the event.- James Dam (Rovo Co-founder)

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