No one does tennis magic, or will ever do, better than this crafty Frenchman who goes by the name of Fabrice Santoro. He has the most unusual ordinary repertoire of shots - the most prominent one being the double-handed forehand. And that is to mention only his ordinary repertoire of shots - his most stunning and extraordinary ones are the ones this article is concerned about. What are some of the best of these shots, watch on to find out!

We start with the best ever trick shot played in the history of tennis. The best of such would of course have come from the best of 'tennis magicians'. The magic started with that extraordinary backhand cross-court (although it does not seem like anything extraordinary) which put his opponent into a stretch despite the slow and leisurely pace of it. Look at the no-look between-the-legs lob then, and you can understand the momentousness of the occasion.

This is another Santoro classic. The magic began from the very start, when Santoro chipped and strolled on a kick serve of Nalbandian. That put him at a massive strategic disadvantage, as he was exposed to a pass on either side, but he correctly predicted the forehand by Nalbandian going to his forehand - the second amazing part of this point. Now comes the third and most spectacular shot within the point of Santoro's, he does a highly-arched (very unconventional given the obvious strategic danger of doing so) which went sharply diagonally-angled cross-court, before dropping down onto Santoro's side of the court!

Third Santoro classic on our list, and which belonged to the same match as the second. A languid serve and volley by Santoro was made up with by a casual stretch drop-shot, done in no-man's-land (mind you), which was followed by an intelligent anticipation of the direction of Nalbandian's return, which allowed Santoro to once again lob casually to Nalbandian's backcourt. This was followed by another of drop-shot-then-lob cycle, before ending with another highly arched drop-shot. Such is the perfect example of how being stress-less is essential to attaining peak performance!

This has to be our all-time favourite Santoro classic. The mad defence of his, and the excellence of it, makes it massively humorous. I do not know if irony is one form of humour, but this point is sure ironic humour at its strongest. You have the small unfit and old Santoro running for every shot and getting them back safely - that is the first irony. The second irony lies in the fact that all his shots look (from the conventional TV screen at least) very easy to finish off. The third and ultimate irony we believe, lies in no one else but Roger Federer being on the receiving end of Santoro's impish torments.

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