The serve is the most important serve in tennis, one coach during my junior competitive years used to repeatedly remind. There is a reason behind every seargent-drill, and I have to say, I completely agree with him, not because of such drilling, but due to my own thoughts abotu the matter as I matured in my age and tennis game. It is not for nothing that tennis commentators frequently bring to the audience's attention the first-serve and second-serve percentages of players during any tennis analysis that is decent. The tennis serve makes or breaks the player from the very start. A good serve (with either a untouchable speed or spin) could either give instant death (possibly literally) or put the opponent in such a disastrous position death becomes very much probable. No wonder some tennis players have made it so far up the ranks, and even win grand slams, based on their primary strength which is the serve. It is also no wonder that the greatest player of all time is also one of the greatest servers in the history of proffesional tennis so far. Who are those best at the serve? Read on here to find out!

(7) Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras has astounding back flexibility. When his arms are pulled behind his back and get pulled together, the elbows of both would touch. This is perhaps the main reason for his natural ability to fire off red-hot powerful serves, both fast and wide. Such serves have garnered 8,713 aces for him across 79 matches.

(6) Feliciano Lopez

An oddity of a Spaniard, Feliciano Lopez was made for the faster courts of the grass and hard surfaces, as opposed to his more grunt-like compatriots who prefer and specialize in clay-court play. With a smooth relaxed left-handed swing, Lopez creates serves with huge speeds that curve in a way most right-handed players are not used to. He has garnered 8,780 aces across 849 matches.

(5) Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick. American and a symbolic of pretty much what everyone thinks of America. He has fast power groundstrokes and a big serve. The record from 2004 to 2011 for the fastest serve was held by Andy Roddick, whose serves are so fast one of them supposedly got caught in the ground, and was caught on film! This power-hitter fired 9068 aces in 776 matches across the span of his career

(4) John Isner

Another American, another power-hitter with an ace serve. Isner's serve sure is powerful, but what makes it especially deadly is the kick given to it as a result of the impressive height he has (at six foot ten). Opponents seemingly get stretched out rather than being finished off. He has 9754 aces across 556 matches under his belt

(3) Goran Ivanisevic

Goran Ivanisevic's serve motion sure is unique. we don't know exactly why, but the abruptness of the movement before the contact point is one we don't see in a typical player. Perhaps this is the reason why is serves are so powerful - the faster the preparation, the faster the serve. 10,131 aces across 731 matches? That ranks him in the number 3 spot.

(2) Roger Federer

The maestro is not known for the speed of his serve, but the missile-like accuracy of it. It gets the job done by supposedly hitting where it is supposed to hit more times than the typical professional of a similar standard. The variety of his serves also makes it very hard to read.

(1) Ivo Karlovic

If someone or something is current, he is not usually the best in anything in history yet, unless you are Roger Federer. Ivo Karlovic would definitely to differ though, because his 12,302 aces across 630 matches puts him in the number one spot.

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