'Being a professional tennis player' is a ridiculously exclusive standard which leaves out a whole bunch of very capable and talented tennis players, who can be described as such if not bench-marked against the professional standard. It goes then that many of the people you would never imagine being good at playing the game, are in fact much better than you or I at it. Their deeds and talent are just not publicized, or get overshadowed by their greater talents. Who are some of these talents hiding under the shadows. Rovo has compiled a list of some of the more famous ones. By the way, Richard Branson will not be on this list for he is very publicly (and in our opinion undeservedly) a tennis player, with all due respect to his supreme business acumen and accomplishments.

Brad Pitt

Before his starring in landmark films such as 'Moneyball' and the 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button', Brad Pitt was doing something not too different from what Roger Federer or Andy Murray were doing. That is, undergoing a competitive tennis training regime and playing in tournaments. Brad Pitt played competitively for his high school team, and the legend goes that he still hits the tennis court occasionally in his spare time.

Matthew Perry

Now, the Friends co-star could be said to be close to the real deal. He actually was about to go into professional tennis but picked acting instead when the former got 'out of reach'. Upon deeper observation of this photo, Perry indeed looked the look; our initial disdain of his un-professional sloppiness being in fact the effect of an imposed preconception.

Ellen Degeneres

Another ex-competitive tennis player standard-working professional, Ellen would be one of the last persons on this list we would think play tennis competitively. This is due to our bias against talk show hosts, or anyone who does most of their work sitting down really. How wrong were we! She actually competed in high school tennis, and even had an interesting rally with Melanie Oudin on her talk show once, when she actually handicapped herself by switching to using a massively over-sized tennis racket.

Price William and Kate Middleton

Hidden beneath their royal austerity is a surprising taste for dynamic and fun - their passion and genuine commitment to the sport of tennis being a testament to such. If you think that their regular visits to the Wimbledon tournaments are done for the sake of ceremony, think about how rarely the Queen visits Wimbledon. The couple are both actually very competitive tennis players. This is no doubt supported by Kate Middleton's admission that her game 'dropped a little' after becoming a mother. Such competitiveness!

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