Concerning the word 'comedian' in the context of the professional tennis world, past and present, the names of Djokovic, Santoro, and even Roddick (who in our opinion is the best of all) typically come to mind. One who is terrifyingly funny, is the a certain Mansour Bahrami, a long-retired tennis play of French and Iranian nationalities.

But who is this guy?

Given the lack of glitter in his grand slam performance, we initially thought that he was merely famous for his showmanship. The most iconic of such shows being his growling startles of ball-boys as they approach to collect balls which fall near him. The reverse-serve is another iconic showman trick of his, a skill drilled to the point at which the smoothness of it seemed very much to be a function of natural talent. How wrong were we, for judging Bahrami so harshly, because

Bahrami is actually an incredible talent

Many of his tricks involve a great deal of spontaneity, which his performance of such even during the professional moments of his moment confirms. Just watch the video below, which shows snippets of his match against Boris Becker at the French Open

What makes him so significant as a comedian then?

Given the existence and common knowledge of another great on-court tennis comedian, Santoro, this question naturally arises. We believe that Bahrami is significant because he is so ordinary, yet so creatively different. Unlike Santoro, who adopts a sharply unconventional technical game-style (the double-handed forehand, virtually only slicing on the forehand. etc) Bahrami's techniques are very ordinary. The fact that Santoro is so un-ordinary technically mitigates the effect of awe which his un-ordinarily creative shots would have on its observers. 'It is already expected that Santoro would be hitting pleasantly weird shots, given how weirdly he looks when he plays, why bother being surprised at all' is what the brains of observers would typically say to themselves watching Santoro. With Bahrami, there is a sense of unexpectedness which hits the brain, given the sharp contrast in the natures of his technique and some of the shots he produces - this will produce a sense of pleasant surprise in the brain much stronger than the case of Santoro.

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