The new Rovo

The new Rovo
We have some extremely exciting news to share with you about the future of Rovo. The big image on this post should be suggestive enough, but before we get into that, let's take a quick step back. πŸ˜€

We officially launched our beta end July 2016 & since then, we've received tremendous support from you, our users. You've been extremely active on the app, provided continuous feedback & even given us some amazing reviews about the app.

Seriously, amazing reviews..

They're the kind of reviews that feel like they're fake but they're not. There are close to 100 more such reviews are on the App store & Google Play, but here's a few of them:

Bless this tennis app! Best app ever for tennis players looking to find someone to play with. Easy to setup and use. - Gennie Poon

Very accurate tennis ability guage tool has helped me arrange a couple of games with the same level as me. They seemed to have cracked it. - Tridib Chowdhury

This is one of my favourite apps so far! It's great for meeting new people to play tennis on Singapore. The self assessment rating is pretty accurate of a player's tennis skills and arranging hits with fellow Rovo users have been a breeze. The chat interface is very user friendly. The app has nice features like awarding badges to people I've hit with, like super forehand /backhand, punctuality etc. Would highly recommend this app to tennis players in Singapore. - Raymond Theodore

You have no idea how much these reviews mean to us. They keep us motivated & excited to take the Rovo product & community forward. So, from the bottom of our very emo hearts, THANK YOU.

Growing Community

We've also seen great growth in the tennis community. Starting from just the four of us back in July, we're now arguably one of the most active online tennis communities in Singapore. In fact, we've seen more of you join the app so far in 2017 than the entire 2016! What's even more exciting though is that increasingly we are starting to get sense of community developing amongst the tennis players in the Rovo app. Players have started exchanging badges with each other; playing with new faces & existing; and writing to us how to tell us how they've made great new friends through the app. It's amazing.

Missing out

There's obviously some folks missing out on using Rovo. Notably, everyone outside Singapore! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸ˜† Almost every other day, we get unsolicited messages asking us to open up Rovo to other cities! This is one area we're really pleasantly surprised with.

More than tennis please

Then, there's a host of players who would love something similar for other racquet sports, soccer, basketball, running, gym & even Yoga!

Rovo Could expand to maybe other racquet sports like badminton/ pingpong
in future,Rovo can be expanded to other sports
would totally use rovo for yoga
Rovo can be expanded to other racquet sports
Rovo can be expanded to all individual sports

It's really humbling to hear that you trust us to craft the best experience for all the other sports that you play as well.

Why the name Rovo?

Many of you have asked why we chose the name Rovo. Given that we've never publicly shared why, now seems the right time more than ever to do so.

There were two main reasons why we went with the name Rovo.

Firstly, we wanted something simple & easy to remember. It should be easy to pronounce & someday usable as a verb πŸ˜€.

We also wanted it to be expandable. While we knew we wanted to start with tennis, our ultimate mission for Rovo is to

Inspire people to play more, improve & become the best version of themselves through fitness & sports.

To that end, we wanted a name that can be expandable beyond tennis to every sport.

The exciting part

Which brings us to the bottom line of this post.

We're delighted to share with you a substantial step we're taking in achieving our mission.

With the next update of the Rovo app, we are immediately opening up early access to other Racquet sports. In addition to Tennis, you will be able to register your interest to Badminton, Squash & Table Tennis on Rovo. We're taking all our learnings from Tennis on Rovo to bring the best experience to all the other racquet sports & we're thrilled to share that with you.

In order to get the experience perfect, we will be unlocking each sport only when sufficient players for each are reached.

For tennis players, your app experience doesn't change. In fact there's even more exciting features for tennis coming up soon such as the much awaited support for doubles & groups!

New logo & mark

New Rovo logo - Find sports buddies nearby
When you update the app, you will also notice our new Rovo logo. The design inspiration originates from a vision of a moving ball. It represents being active & constantly moving forward. We affectionately call this mark "the comet". We hope you like it!

Looking forward & Thank you

Very soon, we will also be sharing our plans to open up Rovo to other cities around the world. We're super excited & looking forward to building the Rovo community with you. Thank you so much!

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