1. Han Aiping

Retired Chinese female professional badminton player Han Aiping is considered by many as one of the greatest female badminton players of all time. She, along with her doubles partner Li Lingwei dominated international badminton for most of the decade during 1980s. The mentioned duo also led Chinese teams to victory in Uber Cup and won the IBF World Championships twice each. Han Aiping achieved two gold medals in singles and another in the women’s doubles at the World Championships. She also won a silver medal for both the singles and doubles event of the World Championships. She also achieved the singles and doubles event twice each at the Hong Kong Open.

  1. Wang Yihan

Wang Ying is a former world champion in the women’s singles event. She started her badminton training under her coach Wang Pengren at the tender age of just nine and was selected for the national junior team of China in 2004. She advanced to the Chinese senior team in 2006 and started to represent her country in major championships. Wang Yihan's first major achievements were the winning of both the Asian Junior championship and the World Junior Championships in 2006. Shortly later, she achieved the Badminton World Cup in 2006 and the Russian Open in 2007. Then saw her attaining some Olympic success - she achieved a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics in the Women’s singles event. Wang Yihan has also achieved two gold medals at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games in Women’s singles and Team event.

  1. Gao Lin

Gao Lin is regarded by many as the most successful doubles players in the women’s badminton history. She achieved nine medals in total, which includes four gold medals at the BWF World Championships. She and her partner Zhang Jun achieved gold medals in the mixed doubles event of the BWF World Championships twice consecutively in 2000 and 2004 Olympics. Her most remarkable achievement is the winning of a total of four Olympic badminton medals - the most by any female player. She also won the women’s doubles titles consecutive six times at the All-England Championships from 2001 to 2006.

  1. Zhang Ning

Zhang Ning is introduced here, only for the non-badminton fans. She (retired) is widely regarded by many as the greatest female badminton player of all time. She won the Olympic gold medal twice at the women’s singles event in both 2004 and 2008, and became the only female player in badminton history to win two consecutive Olympic singles gold medals. Zhang Ning represented China in the Uber Cup from 1994 to 2006. Her other significant wins include the French Open in 1994, Swedish Open in 1996, Malaysia Open in 1998, Singapore Open in 2001 and Korea Open in 2002. Zhang Ning also won the title of World Badminton Grand Prix and Copenhagen Masters in 1998 and was the winner of the Asian Championships in 2001. Her less notable achievements include the winning of a silver medal at the 1998 All-England Championships and won a bronze at the 2001 IBF World Championships.

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